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Poesie in inglese

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Love and loneliness

All alone I walk around my fears
being my soul's lament the only sound I hear
being my heart's dark all that I can't see
'cause I am lost in loneliness' big sea.

My love has left me and gone away
now with the thorns of a rose holding in my hand I stay
and no-one my silent shout can hear
and no-one can see sorrow feeding my tears.

Maybe when all my suffering I forget
the bloom of a new

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[Senza titolo]

4 u
immaculate spring of happiness,
endless source,
birth and core of feelings refreshment,

4 u only
I cite and motion the pain of my soul
in whom aware of atrocious provocaments,
misconcepted sentenses hastily wispered,
phrases awfully expressed.

With u,
I will satisfy my thisrty throat,
regenerate my deidrated body,
awake my inner self.

From u,
to compose this river of emot

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   0 commenti     di: francesco nanni

Just need you in my life

You know you're special for me,
you know you're the best for me,
you know that all i need is just you and me.

So never forget me,
never hate me,
just be mine for ever
cause i love you,
i want you,
just need you
in my life,
you're always in my mind,
you're the center of my world,
you're the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes you make me sad,
sometimes you make me cry,

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   1 commenti     di: Romy Begum

Pirates of death

Business partners
as true buddies
-Never met
so precious

blood brothers
with lead
-Never revealed
my twins-

A lake looks
sick show
-Ever seen elsewhere
the hell -

Only touch
just a taste
-A gift
to the sick of thirst
in time-

Business partners
invisible identity
red boat
face uncovered
pirates of death

Hello wor

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   5 commenti     di: laura cuppone

Rifarò crescere i capelli

Manchester England
tra poco si sveglieranno
England, across the Atlantic sea
scrivo momenti,
come l'aria intorno
She asked me why!
Inspiro ed espiro
te e non te
The air, the air
is everywhere..
Silenzio, non dire
non te lo fare..
My body, my body!

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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