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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima


Trase a wind, doce doce inside house
with the odor of the sea.
I rub the eyes. I open wide the windows.
Blue sky, nuvole and dreams
Aching summer my eternal child.
I run away toward the endless one.
To come in a foreign earth in rump to a camel.
My words with patience
I have sewn her above a sheet of paper.
The sea is shaken the waves they are tall,
la ship it climbs

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Chinese Cookie

A sweet rain is crossing my street,
Whispers of pain make my spirit bleed,
Voices in my head, whispers I hear:
Open it, open it, maybe it's your dear,
That wrote you a message,
That sent you a sign,
You should open it before even dine.

I look at my wet hand, holding that thing,
That burns like the fire in hell,
And then swing,
To the corner where a sad beggar stands,

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4 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Raluca Ratiu


Love …

uncontrollable power….
Posses you in minutes, days or months..
It never forgives…
Once it gets you…. u better listen to it
If u try to ignore you are the one to be hurtled
Its beautiful…..
Designs in your face a beautiful smile
Makes your eyes sparkling and bright
Its genuine
Never cheats neither lie,
A talented musician…
Makes you hear heavenly music in your he

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4 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Saba YeYe


I shake your thoughts
like the wind with the harvests,
disjointed sometimes,
moisted paths
of rain and worries
in searching for
and cherish in heart
any mark of tricks.

2 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Chiara S.

Painful Memories

My words are blades,
My voice is crying,
Damned fate,
Painful mist of the mind!

Your words are pearls,
Your voice is singing,
Blessed life,
Pleasant summer sky!

Thank You, for the blessing you donated to this unworthy world;
Be Damned, for the curse you placed upon my exhausted heart:
For Her happiness, I shall accept any ruthless ordeal...

1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Alessio B.

Tumble Wed

The writhing sunset soul
soars to anguish
aloof of gay changes
of a world surrendered
to lack

Of time spent without
humor knows his ways
but eye not
perceive of the graces bestown
unto us

Tattered the timing limb
tricks on the face
of his dawn
a line

The pulse takes so long to reach
sense and sensibility
And shadeless
we perceive the rolling
of tumble we

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The world around is getting darker and darker
And I feel like I can't breathe anymore

Oscure angels follow me everywhere
And I can't escape
Coz everything I do they're always behind me
To remind me I don't have to be happy
Coz I'm not allowed to feel good

Pain, agony, the hell...
They live inside me by now
And nobody can save me

Why don't you show and come to confort me?

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You see no mark upon my skin
you see no tear in my eyes
you see no sign of pain
because you see what I choose for you to see
you hear what I choose for you to hear.
You don't see or hear my pain but
the pain is always inside...

Lost Soul

My lost soul, my deep inside,
Why falling into your stormy darkness?
Why shouting your pain shadowy?
The Indifference kills outwardly
the healthy spirits of common gensis
through a clear zephyr of sufferings

By harp a miraculous lullaby playing are
love and dialogue
this sort of inexistent communication
away dragging are
their notes
among these social individuals
a p

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Some time

Some time people loves…
Some time people lose they selves…
And hate what they love.
Both need love
If all follow their heart….
What will happen?

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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