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Poesie in inglese

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Solemn is the bride,
dressed all in white,
ascending the altar
to embrace her new life.

The day, the most beautiful
with grace and splendour
by magic the dream
of love most tender!

The evening's twilight
Tis' grand fervour
a ray from the moon
kindles ardour:

A glance, a smile
sweet songs of intention
so tender the kisses
of love's intense passion.

That silvery thread

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Me against the church

I wanted to live without love
But I suffered this punishment
I wanted to live in a tidy world
It ain't the life that I've spent

For this in our life
Nothing is like it seems to be
Something help us to cross the line
To achieve the eternity

So listen the instructions
Sit and get relax
Drink some alcool
Out of the window, jump with us

I will die
By suicide
When I'll start grew ol

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   4 commenti     di: vasily biserov


Go up your stairs
clasping those pages
source of relief
your only strength.
Why of those shows
that once burned your soul
all that remains are
bills on the wall.

Mithical boy (a blues)

I open my door for you tonight.
Oh, mythical boy, you make me cry,
you make me cry, you make me sigh...
Oh, my darling...

Kiss me again, till my soul flies.
Take me away from all these eyes,
from all these eyes that hate me just
because I love you.

Don't be afraid to knock my door.
I can't wait for you, no more...
I can't cry and

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   1 commenti     di: Irina Koff

Freedom in love

Let me be free
to come inside your dreams;

let me be true
to live forever inside you;

let me be yours
to make our family be sweet;

let me be free
to smile at you on my view whenever I want;

let me be
as I like, as you want;

I love you, wherever... forever...

   13 commenti     di: sara rota

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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