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Spring has come
bright colours
painting gardens.
Renewed life, everywhere
happiness in dreaming eyes
on a sunny day.
waiting for you
I feel like a butterfly,
light and cheerful
among flowers
tasting smells
being happy for
only flying.

One heart

We only have
one heart
in our lifetime
Not two, nor we have
any prosthesis
if it is broken.
Every time someone
tears it to pieces
we are not able to
reasseble the
bloody puzzle.
And then,
why does it always happen?

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Manchester England
tra poco si sveglieranno
England, across the Atlantic sea
scrivo momenti,
come l'aria intorno
She asked me why!
Inspiro ed espiro
te e non te
The air, the air
is everywhere..
Silenzio, non dire
non te lo fare..
My body, my body!

Under Sunshine

At a moment of my senses I think
I am nothing, just feel
The freedom that’s passing by
The people who develop
Some drowning and I breathe
In this translucent sheet
Which rocks and cools
Even under sunshine that enhances
Forms, shadows and corners
From the quadrilateral uterus
Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.

The Masters

The old Masters :they were never wrong:
A terrible beauty is born.

Changing your fate as it was a single day,
Looking for the answer as it was a deadly cancer:
What are you, modern man?
You, self-righteous dead!

The new Masters : they are never wrong:
A beautiful terror is born.

Looking at the sky as it was the judgment day,
Changing your desires as the wind hits the night:
What ar

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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