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Poesie in inglese

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World, let me discover your hid ways
Let me give a look where I can't never reach none day
Grant me visions about yours hidden paths
I will leave from here faster and quiter,
like the clay melts touching water
I will disappear maybe.. Leaving some trace

Summer evening

The odor of evening,
in the dark countryside, illuminated by headlights of the cars,
accompanies me on my journey.
Feelings and emotions wake up again inside me;
my heart is an amalgam of passions.
I don't know what it is happening to me but
I feel that I would live.

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Reading Silveira's Writings

I use to be delirious
I almost become crazy
I feel like a passenger
(Even never leaving my home)...
Whenever I read something
About dead Masters
However they never die
Because I feel them alive
Through Silveira’s writings
He seems to resuscitate them
While he walks
Ways, miles, kilometers...
His stories make
My dreams come through
And I

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And so the time has come...
The year which ends in these days... A turning point in my tormented existence...
This dreadful moment, in which I will lose every reference point!
Even if I still think I didn't deserve such loyal friends...
Can I accept this peacefully?
Lose my burning spirit?
What's the meaning in fighting for something which I have
already lost?
Now only memory is my salvati

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   3 commenti     di: Alessio B.

Marking ink

Marking ink in my heart
Falling angel, falling star
Wet the rain on my skin
Falling down, oh, so clean

Gentle water tear me down
Take me away from the ground
Keep me safe in your womb
Turn me up in your thorn

Changing colors of the sky
While I'm crying (don't know why)
Help this ink to fade away
Flowing down with the rain...

The Almighty

And Death shall have complete dominion...
How dare you, meaningless mortal, live your life with such energy,
Trying to escape to the almighty Thanatos!
Thou will regret this day, in which you realized the true meaning of life:
Pain, suffering, despair...
Do you think God will save you? Or will thou burn in Hell for all the eternity?
Your soul will jump in the bright light, or the West Wind w

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   1 commenti     di: Alessio B.

A man

People don't know anything
about him.
He's lonley man,
near the madness,
near the fear.
He writes songs for the sun
but with no success.
And People decide to
leave him alone.
Alone, for the rest of his
A pathethic life, alone,
lonley man by the river,
near the sun of a grave.
Cats run along his body,
in the middle of the night.
He sings his songs,
all night long,

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   3 commenti     di: aleks nightmare

A dream

I had a dream
you were here again
giving me your lovely words
promises of endless love.

It was so real.

It was only a dream,
a beautiful and delightful dream
faded in the silence of night.

I've woken up...

Solitary vessel

I've left the fiery sand behind
to deep my feet in the cool sea
and I sink in the wet shoreline
relishing my sweet loneliness.

As well as a vessel
whose sails has been given the wind,
I go trough the horizon with my stare.

With more vigour
I deploy my sails;
I plough my concerns
and faster
I head myself toward the sun.

Flocks compacts of gulls
Follows me in this travel;

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Another scream breaks into the silence
New pain, new mother looses balance
A home destroyed before our eyes
But old are the war and the lies
Is that the gift we leave
To our children yet unborn
The castle of the grieve
Or the war for the throne?
The chain breaks with thunder
The freedom lies our hunger
Do we know what's happening out there?
Are we blind to see that it's unfair?
Or we

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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