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The travel of the freedom

In my mind words already fly
And they wonder Why don't you protect me?
My love, my love imaginary..
look at me, caress me.. shelter me.
I won't ask you anything else other than this.
Oh my honey, follow me anywhere
Also in my dreams and finally we'll fly hug..


Another scream breaks into the silence
New pain, new mother looses balance
A home destroyed before our eyes
But old are the war and the lies
Is that the gift we leave
To our children yet unborn
The castle of the grieve
Or the war for the throne?
The chain breaks with thunder
The freedom lies our hunger
Do we know what's happening out there?
Are we blind to see that it's unfair?
Or we

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Rain in the wood

Rain in the wood
rain in the wood
today i don't want to die.
I have to sleep 'cause my mind goes high.
The moon is up trought the clouds
the sun goes down
from the hell to the sky.

right, it's raining good
it's raining in the wood.

Nothing else i will search for today
i'm just happy losing my way.
A soldier goes for a battle
no hope and no future but he'll die as a patriot.

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English lines

Once again
A dance meets another dance
We can be different
Joining the sound of old harmonies

White trees sing
Our wishes for southern bodies and movements
And love is never disappointing
If it is a sound that comes directly to
Our souls
Stretched to caress sea ideas

And the perfume
Of orange trees is still there
In the North of your
Red hair

Il cuore in gola ed un gospel in testa

Il cuore in gola ed un gospel in testa.
Were you there when he carried our cross on the hill?
Il cuore in gola ed il ricordo mi riporta lontano.
Were you there when they stabbed him on the cross?
Polizia sirene, grida, Birmingham Alabama, e doveva essere una festa.

Were you there when they laid him in the grave?
Taisha ascoltava rannicchiata in un angolo con una bambola in mano.
Were you

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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