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My memory
plays at renewing
an unrepeatable yesterday
with the absurd desire
to return
on the birches
of infancy
even if now
cannons boomed
and cypresses
welcomed the dead
but it's only a moment
of measureless desire
then in the turning over of a new leaf
i find new reasons
for unidited images
of other reflections
now that I no longer have
memories of sunrise.

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1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Luciano Somma

Freedom in love

Let me be free
to come inside your dreams;

let me be true
to live forever inside you;

let me be yours
to make our family be sweet;

let me be free
to smile at you on my view whenever I want;

let me be
as I like, as you want;

I love you, wherever... forever...

13 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: sara rota

Lady Ligeia

To E. A. Poe

Ligeia, your heavenly will,
is a drop in a lovely still.
Your twin stars of Leda,
big, black and bright eyes,
are returned to me, Ligeia.
I will praise your mind,
she is mine now, oh Ligeia.
The winner has been defeated,
the angels will not have you.
The gold is raven black now,
and through that you call God,
you arrived, my Lady Ligeia.


Mithical boy (a blues)

I open my door for you tonight.
Oh, mythical boy, you make me cry,
you make me cry, you make me sigh...
Oh, my darling...

Kiss me again, till my soul flies.
Take me away from all these eyes,
from all these eyes that hate me just
because I love you.

Don't be afraid to knock my door.
I can't wait for you, no more...
I can't cry and

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1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Irina Koff

My spring

A little flower is born
In this cold summer
And my spring finally begins
After waiting for so long
Hope was always there
Even if about to give up
A new flower is born
And now I am happy
No more tears
But a smile of real joy
Pure happiness and love

Keepin' you up

Pluck the grass strand
pluck the grass strand
feel home
I got so scared now that you
close the door.

Colour your hand
there are so many shades
leave the dark one that
slowly fades.

I am
what you don't need

How can I
wish to caress
your soul again.

Keeping you up
is keeping you mine
keeping you still
is what I...

What have I

Tell me what is love (dimmi cos'e' l'amore)

tell me what is love
if not the fullness
that fills the emptiness
if not the air
without which you can not breathe
you can not live
if not the meaning of your sadness
that can be turned into happiness.

tell me what is love
if not a man
who goes back to child
eye-open dreaming
knowing about his foolishness
but in spite of all
not being ashemed of it at all.

oh please tell me what

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when i was a child i like the flowers and the sunny days,
the green fields and the sandy beach,
the freedom of the body and the spirits;
but then came the rain and the dream was gone.

Then i was fourteen, the days were no sunny anymore,
the fields turn to deserts and the beach to wasteland,
and my spirit was aching in the prison of the body;
and then came the rain and the hope was gone.

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Rainy dreamland

I don’t need any inspiration
Cause your grey sky says it all
When artists down your streets
Softly touch their guitars’ strings
And your cold wind bring their voices
To my heart.
And your green fields say it all…
Grasslands, bushes and red roofs
And a smile was on my face
When those shy rays of sunshine
Broke your fairytale grey sky…
Never forgetting you, beautiful land
With y

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6 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Chiara S.

Fragment of peace

Listening to the music I love the most
Amy is always on
Singing in this little room
Waiting for her love to come
Deceiving herself things will be good one day
And tedium will disappear
An eternal tedium that lasts since many months ago
She wishes things could change! But how?
Miracles, she isn’t even a believer…
Doesn’t believe anymore in miracles
A surprise? It’s not his style

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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