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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima

Several Poems


At a moment of my senses I think

I am nothing, just feel

The freedom that’s passing by

The people who develop

Some drowning and I breathe

In this translucent sheet

Which rocks and cools

Even under sunshine that enhances

Forms, shadows and corners

From the quadrilateral uterus

Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.

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The Evil Queen

I am the Queen.
I never wanted to be,
all I wanted was freedom,
free to live my life as I wanted.
But my heart was ripped out of my chest.
No one will ever love me.
The only one who did,
is long gone.
I stare at the mirror,
my brown eyes lost their sparkling,
cold, empty, lonely.
I am the Queen.
If they do not love me,
they will learn to fear me.
grain after grain,
circling my

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Burning ashes

A little child was crying
beside his mother's body,
she was lying silently
she was staying dead.

He couldn't understand
the reason of the war,
why people kill
why people die.

The child was so sad
looking all around,
fragments of cement
burning ashes everywhere.

Copious sour tears
in his broken eyes,
he didn't want to live
in such a cruel world.

Now he was alone

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The power of love's desires

It was a long snowy January day
But your flames founded my body anyway
In fact when I heard the song I desire
I began to burn inside
And to smile, to lie, to be on fire

I totally lose the control of my legs and my arms
I feel a pain in my heart, it's your natural charm
Without you I can only imagine to fly
And manage to cry
Darling other wing of the same butterfly

Oh my love


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Pirates of death

Business partners
as true buddies
-Never met
so precious

blood brothers
with lead
-Never revealed
my twins-

A lake looks
sick show
-Ever seen elsewhere
the hell -

Only touch
just a taste
-A gift
to the sick of thirst
in time-

Business partners
invisible identity
red boat
face uncovered
pirates of death

Hello wor

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Whenever I see someone
Crying to much in the rain
I can’t stand anyone
That never felt any pain

And passes by indifferent.
They’re people that storm,
And cold, and snow look absent
Because their homes are warm.

I can’t understand there is none
That never think at least twice
Why there are lots of people done

Whose lifes are always nice
But their hearts are like a stone

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Cosmic awareness

Sky's inside us,
breathing the universe...

till we become loose particles


And so the time has come...
The year which ends in these days... A turning point in my tormented existence...
This dreadful moment, in which I will lose every reference point!
Even if I still think I didn't deserve such loyal friends...
Can I accept this peacefully?
Lose my burning spirit?
What's the meaning in fighting for something which I have
already lost?
Now only memory is my salvati

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Tell me what is love (dimmi cos'e' l'amore)

tell me what is love
if not the fullness
that fills the emptiness
if not the air
without which you can not breathe
you can not live
if not the meaning of your sadness
that can be turned into happiness.

tell me what is love
if not a man
who goes back to child
eye-open dreaming
knowing about his foolishness
but in spite of all
not being ashemed of it at all.

oh please tell me what

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An Irreverent Poem

I’ll never offer
My own body
By writings
Or X rays
I’ll never give it
In pieces...
Because its center
Would be sick
At one’s stomach...
I do not
Either show my bowels
Or my body
Since they’re so mine
And my humors
Only would become
Very sweet
If I felt
Something lovely.
I use to shriek with laughter
Whenever I see
Rags asses, breasts and wombs
On d

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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