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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima

It seems so long ago

it seems so long ago
your arms around me
that warm hug
still living in me.

it seems so long ago
you and me together
talking and joking
so imbarassed.

it seems so long ago
I told you I like you
your wall of silence
separated me from you.

it seems so long ago
I was with you
you was with me
but it all ended

it seems so long ago
I opened up my heart
whispering to you

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Reading Silveira's Writings

I use to be delirious
I almost become crazy
I feel like a passenger
(Even never leaving my home)...
Whenever I read something
About dead Masters
However they never die
Because I feel them alive
Through Silveira’s writings
He seems to resuscitate them
While he walks
Ways, miles, kilometers...
His stories make
My dreams come through
And I

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Shooting star

Questa poesia è nata per essere un testo msuiclae in inglese:

Shooting star

Blue sea, sky
Mist into the air and in my soul
Fear, pain, suffering
Hatred, shame, madness...

It 's just a little star that falls from the sky

Path through the snow,
the singing of the wind is calling me to her
no control... no way... no direction

It 's just another small star which is separa

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My memory
plays at renewing
an unrepeatable yesterday
with the absurd desire
to return
on the birches
of infancy
even if now
cannons boomed
and cypresses
welcomed the dead
but it's only a moment
of measureless desire
then in the turning over of a new leaf
i find new reasons
for unidited images
of other reflections
now that I no longer have
memories of sunrise.

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I shake your thoughts
like the wind with the harvests,
disjointed sometimes,
moisted paths
of rain and worries
in searching for
and cherish in heart
any mark of tricks.

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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