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Lemon Eclipse

I bought the sun
had to line up behind a shadowed window,
In my country you can buy free
Here its almost a white dwarf.
Weak in colouring all that skin spread on sand.
Beach towel men and women
Tired skinned costumes pulling up fat.

If you are dark or already tanned
You must be poor
Ignorant or poor immigrant
If you holding up your chest
Showing your breast
Allows you to become a

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   2 commenti     di: Raju Kp

I'll change my skin

I'll change my skin
in flattering flowers.
Dancing shadows
all over my head.

Rage will be
my defeated kindness.
A new reign
which is not meant
to be.

Wings broken
in whispering arrows.
Enchanting siren.
Master, I'll be
your decay.

   4 commenti     di: Diana Moretti


I don't know why some people got everything
I don't know why some people got nothing
Sometime I feel like a loser
That lost long time ago his crusade!!!!
I m wondering about many things
And my mind flies with its wings
Of fantasy and illusion and a lot of dreams
That are ending in awful and painful screams...!!!!!
I had nothing or I had everything I do not know
I feel like a useless to

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Solitary vessel

I've left the fiery sand behind
to deep my feet in the cool sea
and I sink in the wet shoreline
relishing my sweet loneliness.

As well as a vessel
whose sails has been given the wind,
I go trough the horizon with my stare.

With more vigour
I deploy my sails;
I plough my concerns
and faster
I head myself toward the sun.

Flocks compacts of gulls
Follows me in this travel;

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The travel

I'm gonna to the sea
To have another life
'cause I want to see
What I'll have in the next time

I don't know how long is the travel
Maybe it will take too much time
I haven't many desires
I only hope I'll do what I always tried

During the trip
There were many ways I could have taken
I have chosen not the right one
But that have bring me to my own end
Not in the right town
But in a

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   2 commenti     di: vasily biserov

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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