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Poesie in inglese

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Sometimes digging in my memory,
I see the time run fast and my child face,
all my dreams are under a plant of strawberry
as in the morning when you would like still to laze.
Sometimes I shaked in my life,
all my equal days
and I want to look for another ways.
Sometimes I look on my mirror,
and those i see are cups of coffee
their fumes sweets climb up as my hopes
and only th

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As long as i keep on walking
Through the fog of my feelings,
You do not need to love me.

I can’t figure out,
Our words,
Our speeches,
Our kisses.
Every princess deserves a prince, as per tale...
I do not have horses and castles,
Not even sparkling swords to defend green Lands;
I look cute in “blue” though!

Let yourself go.
Let’ s chase what our lips and our clothes,

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   2 commenti     di: Marco Percolla


Another scream breaks into the silence
New pain, new mother looses balance
A home destroyed before our eyes
But old are the war and the lies
Is that the gift we leave
To our children yet unborn
The castle of the grieve
Or the war for the throne?
The chain breaks with thunder
The freedom lies our hunger
Do we know what's happening out there?
Are we blind to see that it's unfair?
Or we

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   1 commenti     di: Nita K


I shake your thoughts
like the wind with the harvests,
disjointed sometimes,
moisted paths
of rain and worries
in searching for
and cherish in heart
any mark of tricks.

   2 commenti     di: Chiara S.

The travel

I'm gonna to the sea
To have another life
'cause I want to see
What I'll have in the next time

I don't know how long is the travel
Maybe it will take too much time
I haven't many desires
I only hope I'll do what I always tried

During the trip
There were many ways I could have taken
I have chosen not the right one
But that have bring me to my own end
Not in the right town
But in a

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   2 commenti     di: vasily biserov

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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