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Poesie in inglese

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Under Sunshine

At a moment of my senses I think
I am nothing, just feel
The freedom that’s passing by
The people who develop
Some drowning and I breathe
In this translucent sheet
Which rocks and cools
Even under sunshine that enhances
Forms, shadows and corners
From the quadrilateral uterus
Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.


Ladin country
of blessed air
sublime quiescence
of this magic valley!

The forest's gnomes
tease each other
it is the enchanted kingdom
of elves and imps

and while in the valley
the people grumble,
high on the alp
cheerful marmots whistle.

But when the moon
with its white brilliance
illuminates the sky
with a faint radiance

the blue fairy
with grace and gleam
turns on, in

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Stop this change

I feel something change.
Stop, please stop change.
Inside I feel everything,
I feel strange sensation of sameness.
Don't want it.
I reject it.
I hate it.
Help me feel alive, out of this monotony.

   4 commenti     di: Jules

The Life

The life goes on
nothing should you stop
someone may die
but you're always alive

And you have to live
without any tear
trying laughing
of everything

The life never stops
The life never ends
When the sun goes down
You can wait for it's return
The life never stops
The life never ends
After the death
there is the relax

And when the life paints itself in black
you feel some

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   2 commenti     di: vasily biserov

Lady Ligeia

To E. A. Poe

Ligeia, your heavenly will,
is a drop in a lovely still.
Your twin stars of Leda,
big, black and bright eyes,
are returned to me, Ligeia.
I will praise your mind,
she is mine now, oh Ligeia.
The winner has been defeated,
the angels will not have you.
The gold is raven black now,
and through that you call God,
you arrived, my Lady Ligeia.


   4 commenti     di: Aldo Occhipinti

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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