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Poesie in inglese

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Tell me about a place of freedom
from the reality,
last day without hours is ticking down
my tears.
Nobody could understand...
This face I can't explain,
eyes have seen too much
for closing when a dirty flame get in,
smooth ice in my mind
between that is rising up
a sweet scent of rose.
To the sky your voice
touches gently clouds of white,
going beyond this pouring rain
which b

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ragazza.. difficile

She is there standing by
Waiting for a smile or a sparkling eye
She looks like she’s not in need
Her heart is beating for love instead

she is someone full of pride
loves to hide in her mysterious mind
not a tear neither a little sign
when she’s frustrated all inside

she is a sweet girl if u only knew
could be sometimes in brooding status
but that’s her way of showing
all wha

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Freedom in love

Let me be free
to come inside your dreams;

let me be true
to live forever inside you;

let me be yours
to make our family be sweet;

let me be free
to smile at you on my view whenever I want;

let me be
as I like, as you want;

I love you, wherever... forever...

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In Homage to Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

In memoria di Jackie Stafford
amica inglese ( traduzione )

is the Queen
of the Fairies;
on her spider-legged chariot
she jumps
from one night to another
beyond the limits
of the time allowed,
all lovers' minds
to make them dream
of Love.
is the Queen
of tricks;
through the fogs
by the mist of sighs,
she makes the world
drunk of madness,
she weave

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Go up your stairs
clasping those pages
source of relief
your only strength.
Why of those shows
that once burned your soul
all that remains are
bills on the wall.

Forgetting lost

I want to forget the light
I want to forget the sun
When I sit down with love
When our love is sitting...
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction hours
When the sea still holds us now
Along the street of flights of fancy
When our love is sitting with mercy
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction now
When the sea still holds us in the south

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The wandering dreamer

Many lives sold on the street,
Many puppets next to me,
I was walking to nowhere.
Crowns of flowers on my head,
whispering wind behind my back,
I'm going away to a land that's dead.
Killing time, and passing stores,
I'll set my soul free on the shore
And dream if there is something more.

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Shooting star

Questa poesia è nata per essere un testo msuiclae in inglese:

Shooting star

Blue sea, sky
Mist into the air and in my soul
Fear, pain, suffering
Hatred, shame, madness...

It 's just a little star that falls from the sky

Path through the snow,
the singing of the wind is calling me to her
no control... no way... no direction

It 's just another small star which is separa

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You died on the cross to give me life
because My sins are shape like a dangerous knife
that cut in thousand pieces your HOLY Heart
I don't want but I am always giving you a bad hurt
I m trying to change my wrong way...
But I am always falling in sin everyday;
I m not worthy of your love my Immense Maker
I am indeed a bad man, law's breaker!!!!!!!!!
I would like to hide from you for

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The Love and the Sea

As Sea and Love
are not without storms,
I know that
one day
I could be shipwrecked.
Lost in Love
is like
getting lost in the sea.
I know yet,
if a fire
will burn me inside
for you, tomorrow,
I will drown it
in the ocean of my tears.

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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