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Poesie in inglese

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As long as i keep on walking
Through the fog of my feelings,
You do not need to love me.

I can’t figure out,
Our words,
Our speeches,
Our kisses.
Every princess deserves a prince, as per tale...
I do not have horses and castles,
Not even sparkling swords to defend green Lands;
I look cute in “blue” though!

Let yourself go.
Let’ s chase what our lips and our clothes,

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2 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Marco Percolla

Fly dragonfly

Fly dragonfly, fly.
Rolled in a singing lullaby
your secret wings keep the
thin wind tight.
And don’t tell me your
unpredictable tale,
so that I’m aware
to dream again and
suddenly love,
my golden prayer for good and all,
my sweetest recall for you my love…

fac king

Lick lick
I'm the Master servant,
I'm the Servant master
when you come with me
in pleasure,
in the need of future
or have I no needs?
Total inspiration
brings me back decease,
lies, imagination
lick lick

3 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Len Hart

I'll change my skin

I'll change my skin
in flattering flowers.
Dancing shadows
all over my head.

Rage will be
my defeated kindness.
A new reign
which is not meant
to be.

Wings broken
in whispering arrows.
Enchanting siren.
Master, I'll be
your decay.

4 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Diana Moretti

Solitary vessel

I've left the fiery sand behind
to deep my feet in the cool sea
and I sink in the wet shoreline
relishing my sweet loneliness.

As well as a vessel
whose sails has been given the wind,
I go trough the horizon with my stare.

With more vigour
I deploy my sails;
I plough my concerns
and faster
I head myself toward the sun.

Flocks compacts of gulls
Follows me in this travel;

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Time's passing by

Time’s passing by
Fooling the days
Pulling the legs of life
Joking with the signs
Sipping happiness over the hours.

Walking along
Thousands of faces
Of voices mixing the languages
Teaching life out of the schools
And you’re still there
Watching your life
Like a stranger
Feeling life passing by.

the pity's fruit

the pity's fruit
has just been
eaten by a women
now i'like to have
a piece of cake!
my darling
i'm care about

4 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: ELENA MACULA

Stop this change

I feel something change.
Stop, please stop change.
Inside I feel everything,
I feel strange sensation of sameness.
Don't want it.
I reject it.
I hate it.
Help me feel alive, out of this monotony.

4 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Jules

The Almighty

And Death shall have complete dominion...
How dare you, meaningless mortal, live your life with such energy,
Trying to escape to the almighty Thanatos!
Thou will regret this day, in which you realized the true meaning of life:
Pain, suffering, despair...
Do you think God will save you? Or will thou burn in Hell for all the eternity?
Your soul will jump in the bright light, or the West Wind w

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1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Alessio B.

Painful Memories

My words are blades,
My voice is crying,
Damned fate,
Painful mist of the mind!

Your words are pearls,
Your voice is singing,
Blessed life,
Pleasant summer sky!

Thank You, for the blessing you donated to this unworthy world;
Be Damned, for the curse you placed upon my exhausted heart:
For Her happiness, I shall accept any ruthless ordeal...

1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Alessio B.

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