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Spring has come
bright colours
painting gardens.
Renewed life, everywhere
happiness in dreaming eyes
on a sunny day.
waiting for you
I feel like a butterfly,
light and cheerful
among flowers
tasting smells
being happy for
only flying.


You've suffered a lot,
of all that pain
You keep feeling the knot.
Many tears you cried in vain,
far more than those
that claimed to have shed a lot,
much, much less,
than what you have not.
Today you wake up
at your own time;
Myself, tonight
i forge for you
this rare and unique rime.
There is no shadow
without sun,
but surely will come for you the day
when you'll be called...

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   3 commenti     di: francesco nanni


World, let me discover your hid ways
Let me give a look where I can't never reach none day
Grant me visions about yours hidden paths
I will leave from here faster and quiter,
like the clay melts touching water
I will disappear maybe.. Leaving some trace

Forgetting lost

I want to forget the light
I want to forget the sun
When I sit down with love
When our love is sitting...
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction hours
When the sea still holds us now
Along the street of flights of fancy
When our love is sitting with mercy
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction now
When the sea still holds us in the south

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   3 commenti     di: Simone Guerra

The Temple of Time

In forgotten temples of ancient men
Troops of monkeys have made their home
And bide their time
Waiting to become humans.
No less was promised them
When this old world was born.

Every day is their day of hope;
Every morning is that special morn'
While every evening is filled with sadness.

   6 commenti     di: Momentum

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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