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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima

Tumble Wed

The writhing sunset soul
soars to anguish
aloof of gay changes
of a world surrendered
to lack

Of time spent without
humor knows his ways
but eye not
perceive of the graces bestown
unto us

Tattered the timing limb
tricks on the face
of his dawn
a line

The pulse takes so long to reach
sense and sensibility
And shadeless
we perceive the rolling
of tumble we

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1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: sean marshall


I don't know why some people got everything
I don't know why some people got nothing
Sometime I feel like a loser
That lost long time ago his crusade!!!!
I m wondering about many things
And my mind flies with its wings
Of fantasy and illusion and a lot of dreams
That are ending in awful and painful screams...!!!!!
I had nothing or I had everything I do not know
I feel like a useless to

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Go up your stairs
clasping those pages
source of relief
your only strength.
Why of those shows
that once burned your soul
all that remains are
bills on the wall.

Reading Silveira's Writings

I use to be delirious
I almost become crazy
I feel like a passenger
(Even never leaving my home)...
Whenever I read something
About dead Masters
However they never die
Because I feel them alive
Through Silveira’s writings
He seems to resuscitate them
While he walks
Ways, miles, kilometers...
His stories make
My dreams come through
And I

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Tell me about a place of freedom
from the reality,
last day without hours is ticking down
my tears.
Nobody could understand...
This face I can't explain,
eyes have seen too much
for closing when a dirty flame get in,
smooth ice in my mind
between that is rising up
a sweet scent of rose.
To the sky your voice
touches gently clouds of white,
going beyond this pouring rain
which b

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2 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: nella ruggiero


what is hale madness
maybe it’s
the exhibited lucidity

maybe it’s
reasons and games
in each mute notice
coming from unknown

maybe it’s to constrain someone
whenever it talks about fire
consecrating phallus

maybe it’s to talk from a tor

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My Friend!

As  long as you  can  hope do  not give up,
And  don’t  pretend  that  you are feeling  fine.
You  shouldn’t  kiss, if  you  have  no  desire.
But don’t  suppress  your  instincts  when  they  fire.
                Don’t  censor  you  at  every  single step:
                Love  cen  throw  stones  as well, prepare yourself.

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1 commenti    0 recensioni      autore: Irina Koff


Whenever I see someone
Crying to much in the rain
I can’t stand anyone
That never felt any pain

And passes by indifferent.
They’re people that storm,
And cold, and snow look absent
Because their homes are warm.

I can’t understand there is none
That never think at least twice
Why there are lots of people done

Whose lifes are always nice
But their hearts are like a stone

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Tapping on the windshield
fell the rain.
My smile teetering on stilts
of words I wish I could say.
Someone else's acts
tapping in my head.

So I stole the ticking from the streets
and the tears from the rain
I stole the voice from the clouds
and heard within me a smooth refrain.

Little poetry of tree

Once upon a time,
There was a Tree, the Grass and a Flower
The Tree's parents were Grass and Flower.
They were living in a garden of an old home
When the ice season came Grass and Flower died.
So the Tree remained alone with the old home

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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