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And so the time has come...
The year which ends in these days... A turning point in my tormented existence...
This dreadful moment, in which I will lose every reference point!
Even if I still think I didn't deserve such loyal friends...
Can I accept this peacefully?
Lose my burning spirit?
What's the meaning in fighting for something which I have
already lost?
Now only memory is my salvati

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   3 commenti     di: Alessio B.


when i was a child i like the flowers and the sunny days,
the green fields and the sandy beach,
the freedom of the body and the spirits;
but then came the rain and the dream was gone.

Then i was fourteen, the days were no sunny anymore,
the fields turn to deserts and the beach to wasteland,
and my spirit was aching in the prison of the body;
and then came the rain and the hope was gone.

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   5 commenti     di: Simone Mascardi

Lost Soul

My lost soul, my deep inside,
Why falling into your stormy darkness?
Why shouting your pain shadowy?
The Indifference kills outwardly
the healthy spirits of common gensis
through a clear zephyr of sufferings

By harp a miraculous lullaby playing are
love and dialogue
this sort of inexistent communication
away dragging are
their notes
among these social individuals
a p

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   4 commenti     di: Arianna Bianchi

Mithical boy (a blues)

I open my door for you tonight.
Oh, mythical boy, you make me cry,
you make me cry, you make me sigh...
Oh, my darling...

Kiss me again, till my soul flies.
Take me away from all these eyes,
from all these eyes that hate me just
because I love you.

Don't be afraid to knock my door.
I can't wait for you, no more...
I can't cry and

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   1 commenti     di: Irina Koff

Angels fall

She's gone on the boat
the storm is out
and the night is coming.
She's gone on the boat
the winter wind
makes the sails tense
and she'll be always young.

But in this heart of darkness
our hope lies lost and torn,
now she's gone fearless
and there's no hope anymore.

Pain and Glory
hand in hand,
a sacrifice
the highest price.
Due to the poison in her chest
with a whisper she's go

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   3 commenti     di: Erica C.

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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