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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima

Lemon Eclipse

I bought the sun
had to line up behind a shadowed window,
In my country you can buy free
Here its almost a white dwarf.
Weak in colouring all that skin spread on sand.
Beach towel men and women
Tired skinned costumes pulling up fat.

If you are dark or already tanned
You must be poor
Ignorant or poor immigrant
If you holding up your chest
Showing your breast
Allows you to become a

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   2 commenti     di: Raju Kp

In un giorno di pensiero estivo

Oh she is so close to Freedom
she sips water like a baby lion
and we look each other
as we are on the opposite banks
of the same pond

guardare e pensare
non ancora un bel volo
ma è lontana la foresta pluviale
e i suoi mille colori di sogni
che non riesco a fare
and Freedom is a beloved gaze
a changing colour
that shakes our soul
a final tenderness of our voice

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You see no mark upon my skin
you see no tear in my eyes
you see no sign of pain
because you see what I choose for you to see
you hear what I choose for you to hear.
You don't see or hear my pain but
the pain is always inside...


what is hale madness
maybe it’s
the exhibited lucidity

maybe it’s
reasons and games
in each mute notice
coming from unknown

maybe it’s to constrain someone
whenever it talks about fire
consecrating phallus

maybe it’s to talk from a tor

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English lines

Once again
A dance meets another dance
We can be different
Joining the sound of old harmonies

White trees sing
Our wishes for southern bodies and movements
And love is never disappointing
If it is a sound that comes directly to
Our souls
Stretched to caress sea ideas

And the perfume
Of orange trees is still there
In the North of your
Red hair

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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