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The Mall (Washington January 20th 2009)

It's a cold morning, early morning
but the Mall is full of people.
People from everywhere.
I wasn't there
but tears of joy
and hearts full of hope
touched myself

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The travel

I'm gonna to the sea
To have another life
'cause I want to see
What I'll have in the next time

I don't know how long is the travel
Maybe it will take too much time
I haven't many desires
I only hope I'll do what I always tried

During the trip
There were many ways I could have taken
I have chosen not the right one
But that have bring me to my own end
Not in the right town
But in a

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Several Poems


At a moment of my senses I think

I am nothing, just feel

The freedom that’s passing by

The people who develop

Some drowning and I breathe

In this translucent sheet

Which rocks and cools

Even under sunshine that enhances

Forms, shadows and corners

From the quadrilateral uterus

Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.

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Burning ashes

A little child was crying
beside his mother's body,
she was lying silently
she was staying dead.

He couldn't understand
the reason of the war,
why people kill
why people die.

The child was so sad
looking all around,
fragments of cement
burning ashes everywhere.

Copious sour tears
in his broken eyes,
he didn't want to live
in such a cruel world.

Now he was alone

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Listen, my friend!
Look at me and see
My face wet by tears;
They never cease
Because there isn’t any hope.

Listen, my daughter!
My heart aches
For things from the past,
Although everyone says
That is useless to say that.

Listen, my son!
My grubs never grew up
So, my butte

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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