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Poesie in inglese

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Love …

uncontrollable power….
Posses you in minutes, days or months..
It never forgives…
Once it gets you…. u better listen to it
If u try to ignore you are the one to be hurtled
Its beautiful…..
Designs in your face a beautiful smile
Makes your eyes sparkling and bright
Its genuine
Never cheats neither lie,
A talented musician…
Makes you hear heavenly music in your he

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   4 commenti     di: Saba YeYe

[Senza titolo]

4 u
immaculate spring of happiness,
endless source,
birth and core of feelings refreshment,

4 u only
I cite and motion the pain of my soul
in whom aware of atrocious provocaments,
misconcepted sentenses hastily wispered,
phrases awfully expressed.

With u,
I will satisfy my thisrty throat,
regenerate my deidrated body,
awake my inner self.

From u,
to compose this river of emot

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   0 commenti     di: francesco nanni

Several Poems


At a moment of my senses I think

I am nothing, just feel

The freedom that’s passing by

The people who develop

Some drowning and I breathe

In this translucent sheet

Which rocks and cools

Even under sunshine that enhances

Forms, shadows and corners

From the quadrilateral uterus

Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.

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the pity's fruit

the pity's fruit
has just been
eaten by a women
now i'like to have
a piece of cake!
my darling
i'm care about

   4 commenti     di: ELENA MACULA


when i was a child i like the flowers and the sunny days,
the green fields and the sandy beach,
the freedom of the body and the spirits;
but then came the rain and the dream was gone.

Then i was fourteen, the days were no sunny anymore,
the fields turn to deserts and the beach to wasteland,
and my spirit was aching in the prison of the body;
and then came the rain and the hope was gone.

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   5 commenti     di: Simone Mascardi

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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