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Poesie in inglese

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Spring has come
bright colours
painting gardens.
Renewed life, everywhere
happiness in dreaming eyes
on a sunny day.
waiting for you
I feel like a butterfly,
light and cheerful
among flowers
tasting smells
being happy for
only flying.

Lemon Eclipse

I bought the sun
had to line up behind a shadowed window,
In my country you can buy free
Here its almost a white dwarf.
Weak in colouring all that skin spread on sand.
Beach towel men and women
Tired skinned costumes pulling up fat.

If you are dark or already tanned
You must be poor
Ignorant or poor immigrant
If you holding up your chest
Showing your breast
Allows you to become a

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   2 commenti     di: Raju Kp

The starfish

Quite the starfish flesh
tonight, beside the lamp.
New sides of the moon,
according the fisherman
new weather will bring sadness.

Glazes of time, the light tickles
the merry side of my soul.
And then you know, the dirge
From mourning windows flows,
I left a rose over the grass.

The hours I grew in my lap and
the rope's length divides
the shadows from my sight.
So don't you feel

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A determined shout of freedom and fairness
Flies over the decades and come to my ears:
Makes my heart cry for being not there
And regret the fact I was born too late.

Old unforgettable memories echo through my memories…
Making me wish I weren’t here
and making me sure I was born too late.

Garish and faded those colours in t-shirts
Big as the hearts and the might of who wore them…

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   18 commenti     di: Chiara S.


your prejudice chooses
portraits of me.
But closer,
you should trust
in your eyes
and decide
if I deserve your touch.

   0 commenti     di: Marina Ar

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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