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Poesie in inglese

Pagine: 1234... ultima

The travel of the freedom

In my mind words already fly
And they wonder Why don't you protect me?
My love, my love imaginary..
look at me, caress me.. shelter me.
I won't ask you anything else other than this.
Oh my honey, follow me anywhere
Also in my dreams and finally we'll fly hug..

Pirates of death

Business partners
as true buddies
-Never met
so precious

blood brothers
with lead
-Never revealed
my twins-

A lake looks
sick show
-Ever seen elsewhere
the hell -

Only touch
just a taste
-A gift
to the sick of thirst
in time-

Business partners
invisible identity
red boat
face uncovered
pirates of death

Hello wor

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Il cuore in gola ed un gospel in testa

Il cuore in gola ed un gospel in testa.
Were you there when he carried our cross on the hill?
Il cuore in gola ed il ricordo mi riporta lontano.
Were you there when they stabbed him on the cross?
Polizia sirene, grida, Birmingham Alabama, e doveva essere una festa.

Were you there when they laid him in the grave?
Taisha ascoltava rannicchiata in un angolo con una bambola in mano.
Were you

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You, people and places

Like the words you say in that song
l'll stay with you, we belong
in your mind, in your eyes
i can see only lies
lookin' up the sky
you are a stranger, you are nice.
Scorpio it's my star
i know well where you are
people are in every place
but i wanna see only your face.
Just say: "help" and i'll be there
people are everywhere
i'll come running very fast
there's no future, only past.

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A dream

I had a dream
you were here again
giving me your lovely words
promises of endless love.

It was so real.

It was only a dream,
a beautiful and delightful dream
faded in the silence of night.

I've woken up...


what is hale madness
maybe it’s
the exhibited lucidity

maybe it’s
reasons and games
in each mute notice
coming from unknown

maybe it’s to constrain someone
whenever it talks about fire
consecrating phallus

maybe it’s to talk from a tor

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I have to build a life
I have to leave a sign
I want to change too many things
But I don't have so much time

I wanna play this game
I wanna rule this reign
I have to fight the enemies
And teach all of them my law

This is my desire
This is the truth
I'm not another liar
I wish it will be the reality,
The reality of my dreams

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Fly dragonfly

Fly dragonfly, fly.
Rolled in a singing lullaby
your secret wings keep the
thin wind tight.
And don’t tell me your
unpredictable tale,
so that I’m aware
to dream again and
suddenly love,
my golden prayer for good and all,
my sweetest recall for you my love…


My memory
plays at renewing
an unrepeatable yesterday
with the absurd desire
to return
on the birches
of infancy
even if now
cannons boomed
and cypresses
welcomed the dead
but it's only a moment
of measureless desire
then in the turning over of a new leaf
i find new reasons
for unidited images
of other reflections
now that I no longer have
memories of sunrise.

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Some time

Some time people loves…
Some time people lose they selves…
And hate what they love.
Both need love
If all follow their heart….
What will happen?

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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