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The wonderful world

It's wonderful the world,
and the life it's beautiful how my feelings.
I love the birds flying happy and blessed
like us to the sea.
How wonderful environment,
try to respect it.
The Creator has a big heart and,
his hands harmonious,
We have given this world,
respect and then pray.


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2 commenti:

  • Anonimo il 16/02/2011 17:13
    God bless all his creatures...
    Be the Faith in the Lord always stronger than the delusions of life.
  • Giuseppe Tiloca il 16/08/2009 21:21
    I love this world, so pretty and so wonderful, really nice, i love it, i like the bird when flying, is so happy too..
    try... all people try... the creator is Wonderful, so good. we respect this world...
    maybe try!
    Goodbye Catalina, Giuseppe

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