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In Homage to Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

In memoria di Jackie Stafford
amica inglese ( traduzione )

is the Queen
of the Fairies;
on her spider-legged chariot
she jumps
from one night to another
beyond the limits
of the time allowed,
all lovers' minds
to make them dream
of Love.
is the Queen
of tricks;
through the fogs
by the mist of sighs,
she makes the world
drunk of madness,
she weave

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Time goes on,
Hours, minutes, seconds run hungry to the line.
Stop it, you can cry.
They will pass your line
It is the way.
So, fill them up!
Break the silent!
Break the chains!
you will find it.
Live the scary dream, and learn to say
your soul will e stronger,
your tears will be diamonds!

   0 commenti     di: Lucrezia Secret


I don't know why some people got everything
I don't know why some people got nothing
Sometime I feel like a loser
That lost long time ago his crusade!!!!
I m wondering about many things
And my mind flies with its wings
Of fantasy and illusion and a lot of dreams
That are ending in awful and painful screams...!!!!!
I had nothing or I had everything I do not know
I feel like a useless to

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As long as i keep on walking
Through the fog of my feelings,
You do not need to love me.

I can’t figure out,
Our words,
Our speeches,
Our kisses.
Every princess deserves a prince, as per tale...
I do not have horses and castles,
Not even sparkling swords to defend green Lands;
I look cute in “blue” though!

Let yourself go.
Let’ s chase what our lips and our clothes,

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   2 commenti     di: Marco Percolla

My Friend!

As  long as you  can  hope do  not give up,
And  don’t  pretend  that  you are feeling  fine.
You  shouldn’t  kiss, if  you  have  no  desire.
But don’t  suppress  your  instincts  when  they  fire.
                Don’t  censor  you  at  every  single step:
                Love  cen  throw  stones  as well, prepare yourself.

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   1 commenti     di: Irina Koff

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