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Poesie in inglese

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Tapping on the windshield
fell the rain.
My smile teetering on stilts
of words I wish I could say.
Someone else's acts
tapping in my head.

So I stole the ticking from the streets
and the tears from the rain
I stole the voice from the clouds
and heard within me a smooth refrain.

The death of an ideology

Crash my mind
into the mirror of rich hypocrisies
and the corrupt hazes my world saying
the left wing is dead.

the death of a history
the end of an ideology,
the sunset of utopias and ideas.

The eldest forgot the movement in the 1968s
cause they told me why to struggle and to protest nowadays
since the labour class doesn’t exist.
So I took my stereo and I made them listen

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   5 commenti     di: Arianna Bianchi

Pirates of death

Business partners
as true buddies
-Never met
so precious

blood brothers
with lead
-Never revealed
my twins-

A lake looks
sick show
-Ever seen elsewhere
the hell -

Only touch
just a taste
-A gift
to the sick of thirst
in time-

Business partners
invisible identity
red boat
face uncovered
pirates of death

Hello wor

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   5 commenti     di: laura cuppone

Little poetry of tree

Once upon a time,
There was a Tree, the Grass and a Flower
The Tree's parents were Grass and Flower.
They were living in a garden of an old home
When the ice season came Grass and Flower died.
So the Tree remained alone with the old home

Freedom in love

Let me be free
to come inside your dreams;

let me be true
to live forever inside you;

let me be yours
to make our family be sweet;

let me be free
to smile at you on my view whenever I want;

let me be
as I like, as you want;

I love you, wherever... forever...

   13 commenti     di: sara rota

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