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Poesie in inglese

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Painful Memories

My words are blades,
My voice is crying,
Damned fate,
Painful mist of the mind!

Your words are pearls,
Your voice is singing,
Blessed life,
Pleasant summer sky!

Thank You, for the blessing you donated to this unworthy world;
Be Damned, for the curse you placed upon my exhausted heart:
For Her happiness, I shall accept any ruthless ordeal...

   1 commenti     di: Alessio B.

In un giorno di pensiero estivo

Oh she is so close to Freedom
she sips water like a baby lion
and we look each other
as we are on the opposite banks
of the same pond

guardare e pensare
non ancora un bel volo
ma è lontana la foresta pluviale
e i suoi mille colori di sogni
che non riesco a fare
and Freedom is a beloved gaze
a changing colour
that shakes our soul
a final tenderness of our voice

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My memory
plays at renewing
an unrepeatable yesterday
with the absurd desire
to return
on the birches
of infancy
even if now
cannons boomed
and cypresses
welcomed the dead
but it's only a moment
of measureless desire
then in the turning over of a new leaf
i find new reasons
for unidited images
of other reflections
now that I no longer have
memories of sunrise.

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   1 commenti     di: Luciano Somma


Another scream breaks into the silence
New pain, new mother looses balance
A home destroyed before our eyes
But old are the war and the lies
Is that the gift we leave
To our children yet unborn
The castle of the grieve
Or the war for the throne?
The chain breaks with thunder
The freedom lies our hunger
Do we know what's happening out there?
Are we blind to see that it's unfair?
Or we

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   1 commenti     di: Nita K


what is hale madness
maybe it’s
the exhibited lucidity

maybe it’s
reasons and games
in each mute notice
coming from unknown

maybe it’s to constrain someone
whenever it talks about fire
consecrating phallus

maybe it’s to talk from a tor

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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