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The wonderful world

It's wonderful the world,
and the life it's beautiful how my feelings.
I love the birds flying happy and blessed
like us to the sea.
How wonderful environment,
try to respect it.
The Creator has a big heart and,
his hands harmonious,
We have given this world,
respect and then pray.


With blades of grass
tossed in the wind
everything started almost in a week.
The scent of your skin became mine
like smell of a pie, for you, at night.
Then we were covered by the earth
and the sky our crib;
everything was like in a dream
overturned but complete,
impossible was to leave
without sunrise to reach.
Now, lay your eyes on me
when I fall asleep
even if you are far away,

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struggle and bleed

What's life anyway
if not pain and suffer
and words waisted away?
The end of it seems far
but so close i wish it to come
sipping my coffee plan black
sitting at the table of a bar.
Where's happyness hidden
when rain and sadness mash
in a single droplet so harsh.
What's serenity all about
if one idiotly follows the flow of the crowd?
What's the meaning of esistence
while Nirvana'

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In Homage to Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

In memoria di Jackie Stafford
amica inglese ( traduzione )

is the Queen
of the Fairies;
on her spider-legged chariot
she jumps
from one night to another
beyond the limits
of the time allowed,
all lovers' minds
to make them dream
of Love.
is the Queen
of tricks;
through the fogs
by the mist of sighs,
she makes the world
drunk of madness,
she weave

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An angel

Silently appears
slippery and shy
a pilgrim tear
in your beautiful eyes.
Your glimpse is damp
with crystal drops
and your heart palpitates
sobs of sorrows.
A faded portrait
of an angel that has gone
you miss him so much
so sweet and lovely was.
In each bright star
shining in the sky
you will ever see
his angelical smile.
A glint of sadness
in your broken heart
a fervent prayer

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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