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The sonnet of the Cup's valley (in agro di Chieuti)

I'm here today the one using this language
To say how much I love my Southern village
And to be free to be playing with courage
In front of broken things and blind minds

The "minor eagle" flew across the hill
He stands by me and looks at my eyes
He is declaring full sense of life
His soul is blowing throughout the winds

A winding channel links two holy lands
He never sees the other s

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Freedom in love

Let me be free
to come inside your dreams;

let me be true
to live forever inside you;

let me be yours
to make our family be sweet;

let me be free
to smile at you on my view whenever I want;

let me be
as I like, as you want;

I love you, wherever... forever...

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I heard a rumor:

Every man should

Get a woman like you

And turn her into

His place of peace.

I heard a song:

Darling, You’re

My everything.

Stand by me all the time

I can’t live without you.

I heard some poetry:

Let me sleep a little while

In your shoulder,

My lovely adoration,

My great love!

I heard a scream:

(It was my

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Rain in the wood

Rain in the wood
rain in the wood
today i don't want to die.
I have to sleep 'cause my mind goes high.
The moon is up trought the clouds
the sun goes down
from the hell to the sky.

right, it's raining good
it's raining in the wood.

Nothing else i will search for today
i'm just happy losing my way.
A soldier goes for a battle
no hope and no future but he'll die as a patriot.

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But poetry

But poetry comes from absence
Everything is poetry here
You are dancing
So far from
My mind
That I
Of your
Voice and
In the perfumes
That are trying to tell me
Love is a rational city and town

Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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