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Modern Times

You have locked our art
in a dollar - paper cage,
sweet pyramid:
You've won.
But let us show our final trick,
let us get away.
We don't want your ashes,
Geometric Lord:
We don't want your traffic jams &
Melting ice!
We're inviting you,
Big Eye!
The hour is late,
But there's still time to sink:
under the Big Wave
our tears for the murder of art
will join the sky-blue vaul

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   7 commenti     di: Andrea

Marking ink

Marking ink in my heart
Falling angel, falling star
Wet the rain on my skin
Falling down, oh, so clean

Gentle water tear me down
Take me away from the ground
Keep me safe in your womb
Turn me up in your thorn

Changing colors of the sky
While I'm crying (don't know why)
Help this ink to fade away
Flowing down with the rain...

Cosmic awareness

Sky's inside us,
breathing the universe...

till we become loose particles

The Carousel

I wish
I landed
with my thoughts
in the void of this soul
eager for infinity
my heart enjoys itself
like a child
from a rainbow
over this odd carousel
that we call
L i f e.

Tell me what is love (dimmi cos'e' l'amore)

tell me what is love
if not the fullness
that fills the emptiness
if not the air
without which you can not breathe
you can not live
if not the meaning of your sadness
that can be turned into happiness.

tell me what is love
if not a man
who goes back to child
eye-open dreaming
knowing about his foolishness
but in spite of all
not being ashemed of it at all.

oh please tell me what

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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