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Burning ashes

A little child was crying
beside his mother's body,
she was lying silently
she was staying dead.

He couldn't understand
the reason of the war,
why people kill
why people die.

The child was so sad
looking all around,
fragments of cement
burning ashes everywhere.

Copious sour tears
in his broken eyes,
he didn't want to live
in such a cruel world.

Now he was alone

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With blades of grass
tossed in the wind
everything started almost in a week.
The scent of your skin became mine
like smell of a pie, for you, at night.
Then we were covered by the earth
and the sky our crib;
everything was like in a dream
overturned but complete,
impossible was to leave
without sunrise to reach.
Now, lay your eyes on me
when I fall asleep
even if you are far away,

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Darling lamb

darling lamb

do you remember when you was under my arm
calm, to bleat,
while I kissed you my dear lamb?
And when I fed you costantly with corn and hay?
Oh yes my lovely sheep I who took care thee wool white..
now what I do perfidious man? may I can
open your meat profoundly with a knife?
Oh no, my close friend I can't do it,
will be a miserable way to end your time

do you prefer

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My memory
plays at renewing
an unrepeatable yesterday
with the absurd desire
to return
on the birches
of infancy
even if now
cannons boomed
and cypresses
welcomed the dead
but it's only a moment
of measureless desire
then in the turning over of a new leaf
i find new reasons
for unidited images
of other reflections
now that I no longer have
memories of sunrise.

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   1 commenti     di: Luciano Somma


A Bright soul in a black rotten body...
God's glare will destroy Lucifer's obscure wings...
Did mankind create his black shadow?
Did men choose to live between two opposites?
Did They know of their burden?
Pain... Melancholy...
There isn't a place for those who shouldn't be born...
Crushed by their two natures...
There is only a way...

The endles

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   3 commenti     di: Alessio B.

Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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