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Pirates of death

Business partners
as true buddies
-Never met
so precious

blood brothers
with lead
-Never revealed
my twins-

A lake looks
sick show
-Ever seen elsewhere
the hell -

Only touch
just a taste
-A gift
to the sick of thirst
in time-

Business partners
invisible identity
red boat
face uncovered
pirates of death

Hello wor

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An angel

Silently appears
slippery and shy
a pilgrim tear
in your beautiful eyes.
Your glimpse is damp
with crystal drops
and your heart palpitates
sobs of sorrows.
A faded portrait
of an angel that has gone
you miss him so much
so sweet and lovely was.
In each bright star
shining in the sky
you will ever see
his angelical smile.
A glint of sadness
in your broken heart
a fervent prayer

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You see no mark upon my skin
you see no tear in my eyes
you see no sign of pain
because you see what I choose for you to see
you hear what I choose for you to hear.
You don't see or hear my pain but
the pain is always inside...

Portrait of the morning

Wet leaves out of a church,
I watch a majestic birch.
I hear the noise and hectic of a fair.
smell of chestnuts in the air.
I smoke a cigarette
in memory of Barrett.
This is my life: a great chaos.
the madness of a puppet.
you're not convinced yet?
the smile of a piece of wood.
musical notes etched on my book.
a picture of still life.
he fucks his wife.
luminescent color.
a taste tha

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Silly man

Silly man was licking an Ice Cream,
very slowly, so delicate,
with respect and devotion,
these Ice Cream was his passion;
One day, Ice Cream says:
"I go into town for a while, you stay here"
Ice Cream, while walking,
in the evening or morning
to anyone who asks, offers a lick;
When Silly man comes to know,
Ice Cream says: " Why not?
I was born Ice Cream,
to be licked, I was born,

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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