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English lines

Once again
A dance meets another dance
We can be different
Joining the sound of old harmonies

White trees sing
Our wishes for southern bodies and movements
And love is never disappointing
If it is a sound that comes directly to
Our souls
Stretched to caress sea ideas

And the perfume
Of orange trees is still there
In the North of your
Red hair

The travel of the freedom

In my mind words already fly
And they wonder Why don't you protect me?
My love, my love imaginary..
look at me, caress me.. shelter me.
I won't ask you anything else other than this.
Oh my honey, follow me anywhere
Also in my dreams and finally we'll fly hug..

The death of an ideology

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   5 commenti     di: Arianna Bianchi

How should I presume?

Lower than a century ago
Fly the storks these days
Over marshes full of feathers
White feathers withered and silent
Nature has not come to a result
Being taken over by hobgoblins
Who tame her to their lusting wishes

Ladies and gentlemen
My fear will pick you up
Being stuck up into your bones
It will change your shapes
And shivers will take you
There where white tins
Already contain

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   2 commenti     di: Pino Sozio

An angel

Silently appears
slippery and shy
a pilgrim tear
in your beautiful eyes.
Your glimpse is damp
with crystal drops
and your heart palpitates
sobs of sorrows.
A faded portrait
of an angel that has gone
you miss him so much
so sweet and lovely was.
In each bright star
shining in the sky
you will ever see
his angelical smile.
A glint of sadness
in your broken heart
a fervent prayer

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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