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The sonnet of the Cup's valley (in agro di Chieuti)

I'm here today the one using this language
To say how much I love my Southern village
And to be free to be playing with courage
In front of broken things and blind minds

The "minor eagle" flew across the hill
He stands by me and looks at my eyes
He is declaring full sense of life
His soul is blowing throughout the winds

A winding channel links two holy lands
He never sees the other s

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   0 commenti     di: Nicola Saracino


I have to build a life
I have to leave a sign
I want to change too many things
But I don't have so much time

I wanna play this game
I wanna rule this reign
I have to fight the enemies
And teach all of them my law

This is my desire
This is the truth
I'm not another liar
I wish it will be the reality,
The reality of my dreams

   4 commenti     di: vasily biserov

The Temple of Time

In forgotten temples of ancient men
Troops of monkeys have made their home
And bide their time
Waiting to become humans.
No less was promised them
When this old world was born.

Every day is their day of hope;
Every morning is that special morn'
While every evening is filled with sadness.

   6 commenti     di: Momentum


Solemn is the bride,
dressed all in white,
ascending the altar
to embrace her new life.

The day, the most beautiful
with grace and splendour
by magic the dream
of love most tender!

The evening's twilight
Tis' grand fervour
a ray from the moon
kindles ardour:

A glance, a smile
sweet songs of intention
so tender the kisses
of love's intense passion.

That silvery thread

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Stop this change

I feel something change.
Stop, please stop change.
Inside I feel everything,
I feel strange sensation of sameness.
Don't want it.
I reject it.
I hate it.
Help me feel alive, out of this monotony.

   4 commenti     di: Jules

Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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