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Poesie in inglese

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The sonnet of the Cup's valley (in agro di Chieuti)

I'm here today the one using this language
To say how much I love my Southern village
And to be free to be playing with courage
In front of broken things and blind minds

The "minor eagle" flew across the hill
He stands by me and looks at my eyes
He is declaring full sense of life
His soul is blowing throughout the winds

A winding channel links two holy lands
He never sees the other s

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I heard a rumor:

Every man should

Get a woman like you

And turn her into

His place of peace.

I heard a song:

Darling, You’re

My everything.

Stand by me all the time

I can’t live without you.

I heard some poetry:

Let me sleep a little while

In your shoulder,

My lovely adoration,

My great love!

I heard a scream:

(It was my

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I followed you

I followed you, my friend
across the roads
full of people in a hurry
I checked the soul
the body
the absent glance
of someone near next tome.
I found you
how many time I said
taking my holiness away
my (loyal) faithful away,
and I stay to think
about your eyes colour,
the faithfulness of your gestures,
a moment of peace.

Asking language

When I go somewhere I have to ask
people the way where I have to go
and if they tell me the wrong way
I get lost
and I come where you are...

So if I wish to stay with you
often I have to ask people
where to go

So silly is the asking language
sometimes we ask all
but not things we are
craving for

Never ask questions
in the huge parks
in front of the old trees
just follow your

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I don't know why some people got everything
I don't know why some people got nothing
Sometime I feel like a loser
That lost long time ago his crusade!!!!
I m wondering about many things
And my mind flies with its wings
Of fantasy and illusion and a lot of dreams
That are ending in awful and painful screams...!!!!!
I had nothing or I had everything I do not know
I feel like a useless to

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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