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The Temple of Time

In forgotten temples of ancient men
Troops of monkeys have made their home
And bide their time
Waiting to become humans.
No less was promised them
When this old world was born.

Every day is their day of hope;
Every morning is that special morn'
While every evening is filled with sadness.

   6 commenti     di: Momentum


A determined shout of freedom and fairness
Flies over the decades and come to my ears:
Makes my heart cry for being not there
And regret the fact I was born too late.

Old unforgettable memories echo through my memories…
Making me wish I weren’t here
and making me sure I was born too late.

Garish and faded those colours in t-shirts
Big as the hearts and the might of who wore them…

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   18 commenti     di: Chiara S.

An angel

Silently appears
slippery and shy
a pilgrim tear
in your beautiful eyes.
Your glimpse is damp
with crystal drops
and your heart palpitates
sobs of sorrows.
A faded portrait
of an angel that has gone
you miss him so much
so sweet and lovely was.
In each bright star
shining in the sky
you will ever see
his angelical smile.
A glint of sadness
in your broken heart
a fervent prayer

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Tunnel of love

Your kiss stayed on my pillow
While i slept on 
You left quitely 
And the day came on

I dreamt of the tunnel of love
Ending on your Red lips
Half naked of my thoughts
My mind wanted me to open my eyes
to see you lying stil beside me

Your hair lazy in the wind
Rising half to show your slender neck
Rightfully where you love hate my kiss
Your smell stolen By the bed
sneaked li

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   2 commenti     di: Raju Kp

Asking language

When I go somewhere I have to ask
people the way where I have to go
and if they tell me the wrong way
I get lost
and I come where you are...

So if I wish to stay with you
often I have to ask people
where to go

So silly is the asking language
sometimes we ask all
but not things we are
craving for

Never ask questions
in the huge parks
in front of the old trees
just follow your

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Pagine: 1234... ultima

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