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Poesie in inglese

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Manchester England
tra poco si sveglieranno
England, across the Atlantic sea
scrivo momenti,
come l'aria intorno
She asked me why!
Inspiro ed espiro
te e non te
The air, the air
is everywhere..
Silenzio, non dire
non te lo fare..
My body, my body!

End of Love

I have been
along wet pavements,
paved and grey
in a winter day.
along lonely streets,
with the rain
over my heart,
and a wrecked man's cry
under an empty sky.

An angel

Silently appears
slippery and shy
a pilgrim tear
in your beautiful eyes.
Your glimpse is damp
with crystal drops
and your heart palpitates
sobs of sorrows.
A faded portrait
of an angel that has gone
you miss him so much
so sweet and lovely was.
In each bright star
shining in the sky
you will ever see
his angelical smile.
A glint of sadness
in your broken heart
a fervent prayer

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But poetry

But poetry comes from absence
Everything is poetry here
You are dancing
So far from
My mind
That I
Of your
Voice and
In the perfumes
That are trying to tell me
Love is a rational city and town

The Mall (Washington January 20th 2009)

It's a cold morning, early morning
but the Mall is full of people.
People from everywhere.
I wasn't there
but tears of joy
and hearts full of hope
touched myself

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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