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Escape from my life

I opened the window
To see what's coming on
I felt a strange air
Which told me what I want

I don't want you baby
Now I really feel fine
I don't want you my darling
Escape from my life

On holiday
I went to the beach
And all I've seen
Was you
So much love, too much bore
Baby I don't want you no more

I want to be free
You don't understand
I want to be
More time with my frie

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   8 commenti     di: vasily biserov

The Carousel

I wish
I landed
with my thoughts
in the void of this soul
eager for infinity
my heart enjoys itself
like a child
from a rainbow
over this odd carousel
that we call
L i f e.

Keepin' you up

Pluck the grass strand
pluck the grass strand
feel home
I got so scared now that you
close the door.

Colour your hand
there are so many shades
leave the dark one that
slowly fades.

I am
what you don't need

How can I
wish to caress
your soul again.

Keeping you up
is keeping you mine
keeping you still
is what I...

What have I

How should I presume?

Lower than a century ago
Fly the storks these days
Over marshes full of feathers
White feathers withered and silent
Nature has not come to a result
Being taken over by hobgoblins
Who tame her to their lusting wishes

Ladies and gentlemen
My fear will pick you up
Being stuck up into your bones
It will change your shapes
And shivers will take you
There where white tins
Already contain

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   2 commenti     di: Pino Sozio

Forgetting lost

I want to forget the light
I want to forget the sun
When I sit down with love
When our love is sitting...
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction hours
When the sea still holds us now
Along the street of flights of fancy
When our love is sitting with mercy
I don't cry to forget the lost

Why take the distraction now
When the sea still holds us in the south

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   3 commenti     di: Simone Guerra

Pagine: 1234... ultima

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