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The Love and the Sea

As Sea and Love
are not without storms,
I know that
one day
I could be shipwrecked.
Lost in Love
is like
getting lost in the sea.
I know yet,
if a fire
will burn me inside
for you, tomorrow,
I will drown it
in the ocean of my tears.

Angels fall

She's gone on the boat
the storm is out
and the night is coming.
She's gone on the boat
the winter wind
makes the sails tense
and she'll be always young.

But in this heart of darkness
our hope lies lost and torn,
now she's gone fearless
and there's no hope anymore.

Pain and Glory
hand in hand,
a sacrifice
the highest price.
Due to the poison in her chest
with a whisper she's go

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   3 commenti     di: Erica C.


Rare are the feelings
That torment my heart
Each of my senses
You transform in art

I see my soul dancing
The rhythm of emotions
When I look your eyes
The home of blue oceans

There is no sunrise
That could compete
With the magic moment
When our bodies meet

The angelic melody
Of your voice is sound
A divine serenity
In your arms I found

So don't be afraid
Live this love fu

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your prejudice chooses
portraits of me.
But closer,
you should trust
in your eyes
and decide
if I deserve your touch.

   0 commenti     di: Marina Ar

Burning ashes

A little child was crying
beside his mother's body,
she was lying silently
she was staying dead.

He couldn't understand
the reason of the war,
why people kill
why people die.

The child was so sad
looking all around,
fragments of cement
burning ashes everywhere.

Copious sour tears
in his broken eyes,
he didn't want to live
in such a cruel world.

Now he was alone

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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