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[Senza titolo]

Stay with me, like sweet music which inside my body lives.
Stay with me, make the strings of my soul tremble of joy.
Stay with me, like the sound of a harp in the middle of a crowd.
Stay with me, till this push and this spring exist.

   2 commenti     di: Irina Koff

Whirl Of Pleasure

Cold was my trouble and desolated was my mind
i rest
like a mistress
and drop a rose in the rain
so i fade
in the darkness
and you cant'hope my reapparence
but your green bleeding eyes
observe me and dicsclose my lies

and my soul put me down into the whirl of pleasure
and your soul follow me down into this whirl
that way out don't have

dealty pale was my face
when you asked me

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Inutili sacrifici.
Colano rappresi in rivoli aspri
-come spine dall'umida fronte-

Sulle labbra sapore di aceto
dissetante per amare parole,
per fonema imbrigliato tra i denti.

Di passione i viali in penombra
con impronte che non lasciano segni
ma solitari viaggi perdenti.

Una croce scrostata dal tempo
svetta in cima ad un Golgota muto
mentre trema la terra del mondo.

Alla gog

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   4 commenti     di: Manuela Magi

Several Poems


At a moment of my senses I think

I am nothing, just feel

The freedom that’s passing by

The people who develop

Some drowning and I breathe

In this translucent sheet

Which rocks and cools

Even under sunshine that enhances

Forms, shadows and corners

From the quadrilateral uterus

Blue and ordinary of the swimming pool.

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Painful Memories

My words are blades,
My voice is crying,
Damned fate,
Painful mist of the mind!

Your words are pearls,
Your voice is singing,
Blessed life,
Pleasant summer sky!

Thank You, for the blessing you donated to this unworthy world;
Be Damned, for the curse you placed upon my exhausted heart:
For Her happiness, I shall accept any ruthless ordeal...

   1 commenti     di: Alessio B.

Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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