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The Almighty

And Death shall have complete dominion...
How dare you, meaningless mortal, live your life with such energy,
Trying to escape to the almighty Thanatos!
Thou will regret this day, in which you realized the true meaning of life:
Pain, suffering, despair...
Do you think God will save you? Or will thou burn in Hell for all the eternity?
Your soul will jump in the bright light, or the West Wind w

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I heard a rumor:

Every man should

Get a woman like you

And turn her into

His place of peace.

I heard a song:

Darling, You’re

My everything.

Stand by me all the time

I can’t live without you.

I heard some poetry:

Let me sleep a little while

In your shoulder,

My lovely adoration,

My great love!

I heard a scream:

(It was my

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Tumble Wed

The writhing sunset soul
soars to anguish
aloof of gay changes
of a world surrendered
to lack

Of time spent without
humor knows his ways
but eye not
perceive of the graces bestown
unto us

Tattered the timing limb
tricks on the face
of his dawn
a line

The pulse takes so long to reach
sense and sensibility
And shadeless
we perceive the rolling
of tumble we

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In Homage to Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

In memoria di Jackie Stafford
amica inglese ( traduzione )

is the Queen
of the Fairies;
on her spider-legged chariot
she jumps
from one night to another
beyond the limits
of the time allowed,
all lovers' minds
to make them dream
of Love.
is the Queen
of tricks;
through the fogs
by the mist of sighs,
she makes the world
drunk of madness,
she weave

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Ode to Thanatos

Bloody King of the Netherworld,
Ruthless Reaper, mighty ruler of dying shadows,
Powerful Destroyer of men's souls!
Greedy of Death, your Heart is filled with despair...
But do thou have a Heart?
Do I have a Heart?
Thou art I and I art Thou...
My curse is killing my soul...
Do you know which is the power of mankind?
Egoism? Intelligence? Helpfulness? Compassion?
Their soul? Their mind? Th

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