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In Homage to Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

In memoria di Jackie Stafford
amica inglese ( traduzione )

is the Queen
of the Fairies;
on her spider-legged chariot
she jumps
from one night to another
beyond the limits
of the time allowed,
all lovers' minds
to make them dream
of Love.
is the Queen
of tricks;
through the fogs
by the mist of sighs,
she makes the world
drunk of madness,
she weave

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Summer evening

The odor of evening,
in the dark countryside, illuminated by headlights of the cars,
accompanies me on my journey.
Feelings and emotions wake up again inside me;
my heart is an amalgam of passions.
I don't know what it is happening to me but
I feel that I would live.

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Tell me about a place of freedom
from the reality,
last day without hours is ticking down
my tears.
Nobody could understand...
This face I can't explain,
eyes have seen too much
for closing when a dirty flame get in,
smooth ice in my mind
between that is rising up
a sweet scent of rose.
To the sky your voice
touches gently clouds of white,
going beyond this pouring rain
which b

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Burning ashes

A little child was crying
beside his mother's body,
she was lying silently
she was staying dead.

He couldn't understand
the reason of the war,
why people kill
why people die.

The child was so sad
looking all around,
fragments of cement
burning ashes everywhere.

Copious sour tears
in his broken eyes,
he didn't want to live
in such a cruel world.

Now he was alone

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Inutili sacrifici.
Colano rappresi in rivoli aspri
-come spine dall'umida fronte-

Sulle labbra sapore di aceto
dissetante per amare parole,
per fonema imbrigliato tra i denti.

Di passione i viali in penombra
con impronte che non lasciano segni
ma solitari viaggi perdenti.

Una croce scrostata dal tempo
svetta in cima ad un Golgota muto
mentre trema la terra del mondo.

Alla gog

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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