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My sadness
is a liane's cord,
what wave in the wind
gloomy and silent.

the pity's fruit

the pity's fruit
has just been
eaten by a women
now i'like to have
a piece of cake!
my darling
i'm care about

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Ode to Thanatos

Bloody King of the Netherworld,
Ruthless Reaper, mighty ruler of dying shadows,
Powerful Destroyer of men's souls!
Greedy of Death, your Heart is filled with despair...
But do thou have a Heart?
Do I have a Heart?
Thou art I and I art Thou...
My curse is killing my soul...
Do you know which is the power of mankind?
Egoism? Intelligence? Helpfulness? Compassion?
Their soul? Their mind? Th

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   3 commenti     di: Alessio B.

Time's passing by

Time’s passing by
Fooling the days
Pulling the legs of life
Joking with the signs
Sipping happiness over the hours.

Walking along
Thousands of faces
Of voices mixing the languages
Teaching life out of the schools
And you’re still there
Watching your life
Like a stranger
Feeling life passing by.

It doesn't surprise me

There is an unnatural silence
in this golden landscape.

I whispered my secrets to sunset,
I'm penetrated into the shadows.

The dark doesn't surprise me yet.

The lapping of the sea
foaming on the rocks
conjugates verbs of solitude
that never lead in sadness,
but become feathers of a pillow of quietness
where my soul rests.

It doesn't surprise me yet
the backwash that crumbles

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Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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