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Poesie in inglese

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The wandering dreamer

Many lives sold on the street,
Many puppets next to me,
I was walking to nowhere.
Crowns of flowers on my head,
whispering wind behind my back,
I'm going away to a land that's dead.
Killing time, and passing stores,
I'll set my soul free on the shore
And dream if there is something more.

   4 commenti     di: Andrea

Shooting star

Questa poesia è nata per essere un testo msuiclae in inglese:

Shooting star

Blue sea, sky
Mist into the air and in my soul
Fear, pain, suffering
Hatred, shame, madness...

It 's just a little star that falls from the sky

Path through the snow,
the singing of the wind is calling me to her
no control... no way... no direction

It 's just another small star which is separa

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The Life

The life goes on
nothing should you stop
someone may die
but you're always alive

And you have to live
without any tear
trying laughing
of everything

The life never stops
The life never ends
When the sun goes down
You can wait for it's return
The life never stops
The life never ends
After the death
there is the relax

And when the life paints itself in black
you feel some

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   2 commenti     di: vasily biserov


With blades of grass
tossed in the wind
everything started almost in a week.
The scent of your skin became mine
like smell of a pie, for you, at night.
Then we were covered by the earth
and the sky our crib;
everything was like in a dream
overturned but complete,
impossible was to leave
without sunrise to reach.
Now, lay your eyes on me
when I fall asleep
even if you are far away,

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when i was a child i like the flowers and the sunny days,
the green fields and the sandy beach,
the freedom of the body and the spirits;
but then came the rain and the dream was gone.

Then i was fourteen, the days were no sunny anymore,
the fields turn to deserts and the beach to wasteland,
and my spirit was aching in the prison of the body;
and then came the rain and the hope was gone.

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   5 commenti     di: Simone Mascardi

Pagine: 1234... ultimatutte

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