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Lemon Eclipse

I bought the sun
had to line up behind a shadowed window,
In my country you can buy free
Here its almost a white dwarf.
Weak in colouring all that skin spread on sand.
Beach towel men and women
Tired skinned costumes pulling up fat.

If you are dark or already tanned
You must be poor
Ignorant or poor immigrant
If you holding up your chest
Showing your breast
Allows you to become a beast
Drink wine and eat modern cheese.
Sand is same under every feet
Sun burns hopefully all evenly.
Your desires rise and fall
according to the tan you are attached.
Skins are predictable and perform
What’s inside really gets no tan.
Still these years Boys and girls grow up
To love and tan on this surfing sea.,
I advise to go out and fish my son
Leave this beach of undefined bathers.
As the sun is going behind
the piece of lemon on my Glass
sitting in front of this limited horizon
face to face,
I know I am going to vanish,
Into this rising wave of your future colourful sea.
While lemon eclipse will
hunt shadows in this faithless summer
You remain in the future
In mother care of a Tree from nowhere
caressing you with a faint breeze.


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2 commenti:

  • Len Hart il 14/12/2013 17:45
    molto molto bella, buone feste!!!
  • suzana Kuqi il 24/04/2008 20:35
    molto bella

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