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Let it be,
Suddenly the fate yawning draws a sign.
Death or reborn, templates of same design
They turn into fading useless frames on long walls.,
And the rhythm do you hear it stalls,
Hung in all these spaces of empty time,
remain pauses, years, winter and spring.
Caught in the spider web of your limited love,
gaining quarter smiles look out for a straight line.
Let it be,
This life uncertain,
Unclear, lifeboats running to waterfall.

Comes to my mind or shall I say soul
Is the ending already framed?
Those lines they are always slant where they end.
after installed purpose, am I born not be born.
The dark black canvas with water frame,
change shades like monsoon clouds.
Fill two colours and after the pour, blue skies.
Like when my body will burn,
Precisely that’s when smile will break reality

Colour with brushes of entangled memories.
Pour the sweet love as my last poison.
Hum sounds of those blue songs.
Before the fate decides on your next design,
Glorify you my soul this last stop …


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4 commenti:

  • Raju Kp il 30/04/2008 07:21
    thanks laura for reading and dropping in... Your english is not bad... cause you read the poem and got the sense.. thanks for the kisses and I love getting comments from you :bacio:
  • laura cuppone il 24/04/2008 22:17
    "my last poison.. love!!!"
    you soul has been glorified becouse of your "purity"...
    trough death... to last life!!!
    amazing... and beautiful!!!

    sorry for my bad english...
  • suzana Kuqi il 24/04/2008 20:26
    bravo Raju Kp
  • suzana Kuqi il 24/04/2008 20:25
    your english is beter of mine. congratulation. beautiful poetry

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