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Tunnel of love

Your kiss stayed on my pillow
While i slept on 
You left quitely 
And the day came on

I dreamt of the tunnel of love
Ending on your Red lips
Half naked of my thoughts
My mind wanted me to open my eyes
to see you lying stil beside me

Your hair lazy in the wind
Rising half to show your slender neck
Rightfully where you love hate my kiss
Your smell stolen By the bed
sneaked like sunlight into my embrace

We know each other not so much
But i feel its time to wake up
The room was filled with goodbyes
yet you never wanted to leave me
And be gone even for a day.


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2 commenti:

  • Rosa Maria Marongiu il 03/07/2012 23:11
    It reminds me a poem by John Donne. It's full of an intense atmosphere and delicate feelings. So sweet.
  • vincent corbo il 31/03/2011 14:23
    Non conosco l'inglese a tal punto da riuscire a fare una traduzione istantanea. Il titolo mi ricorda una canzone dei Dire Straits.

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