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Eleven September

A day like any other
Rebirth of a day like any other
The sun 'shining, the earth smells fragrant,
at a distance of about fifty yards you hear and smell
the sea like a heartbeat.
A day like any other...
Reborn so 'the beautiful picture of the mountain east;
with its pine trees, icastelli medieval, with its ruins and the scars of time,
with abandoned quarries and wounds that man has created.
Reborn like 'a beautiful picture, split, framed and crowned by a grating.
A day like any other...
So reborn ', noisy, with resentment and ill'smells, torn with smiles, cold, fake, disconsolate, with the aroma of coffee 'and the beginning of a letter:'' Hello, how are you...''
With the sound of water when it comes (7:00), with the din of the keys (8:00) and the first of tanks is opened...
With a good morning in unison, with the opening of the gate (9:00) and on... to...'' AREA''
A day like the others..
All arranged back and forth... the shining checked ten September;
two hours of freedom 'oppressed...
There 'who chooses on TV life live, there' who chooses Geo and Geo, who is a cartoon, there 'who sees'' A Place in the Sun'' , there 'who chooses what he wants... Then dinner, the noise of the keys...
A day like any other...
There 'who smoke, there' who sleeps there 'who prays, who writes, walkers, and those who paint there' who dies, and 'a day like any other, a night like any other and like the other day reborn: The sun is shining, the earth smells fragrant, the smell of coffee ', the smell of the sea, the framework of the East, the smell of Tuscan cigars and the first sound of the keys of' eleven September...
A day like any other? NO! On this day you do not choose, you listen, you look... in TV channels are all the same:'' you see the fire, the sky, the crowds, the rides, the tears, the desperation, the dust, the columns of smoke and people down 'fly them' no one is watching... and are about five thousand, were elderly, youth, children... were disabled, single, married... were Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, British, Australian, French... firefighters, and African Americans... were human beings! '' Everyone was there, each one very own place to... as a day like any other, and they died.
C 'and'who believed that God or Buddha or both Hallah Trinita ', there' who and 'Hindu Taliban or Hebraist, but... who and 'the human being??
That 's what Hallah cries before his death and believes reborn, and'the Christian, Buddhist o 'the Muslim... but what 'the human being?
A day like any other...? NO! ARE OTHERS AS A DAY WILL NOT 'EVER!
Erice September 11, 2001 Gianfranco Gianni


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