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The Evil Queen

I am the Queen.
I never wanted to be,
all I wanted was freedom,
free to live my life as I wanted.
But my heart was ripped out of my chest.
No one will ever love me.
The only one who did,
is long gone.
I stare at the mirror,
my brown eyes lost their sparkling,
cold, empty, lonely.
I am the Queen.
If they do not love me,
they will learn to fear me.
grain after grain,
circling my heart.
Do you think one is born wicked?
Or is wickedness thrust upon someone?
No, wickedness is the rose born from betrayal and pain,
is the first fickle of snow born from the cold despair of loss.
Tears in my empty eyes,
never shed, never wiped.
Pain in my cold heart,
never unlocked, never free.
I've always been the Queen,
it is you that added Evil to my name.


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