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Rainy dreamland

I don’t need any inspiration
Cause your grey sky says it all
When artists down your streets
Softly touch their guitars’ strings
And your cold wind bring their voices
To my heart.
And your green fields say it all…
Grasslands, bushes and red roofs
And a smile was on my face
When those shy rays of sunshine
Broke your fairytale grey sky…
Never forgetting you, beautiful land
With your essence and your poetry
Always crowned by rainy air…


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6 commenti:

  • Alessio B. il 27/02/2011 13:09
    Davvero molto suggestiva... Traspare un leggero senso di nostalgia e di malinconia... Ma quello che prevale è L'amore per questa terra... Ottima poesia
  • suzana Kuqi il 24/04/2008 20:31
    it's very nice
  • Raju Kp il 24/04/2008 19:19
    Ireland and its rainy air.. nice, passionate
  • Raju Kp il 24/04/2008 18:56
    Rain is life and in some way its how sky shows her love for us
    water ponds stay a while to remind us that it rained for good..

    When the crimson
    sky melted in sand
    blue skies lifted up waves
    circled by white surf rings and ripples
    Orange clouds running in a garland
    ended their dance at the evening
    In the small pond although
    all day the solitary rock
    got wet at times blue
    got dry at times amber
    passionate songs on the silent breeze

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