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The death of an ideology

Crash my mind
into the mirror of rich hypocrisies
and the corrupt hazes my world saying
the left wing is dead.

the death of a history
the end of an ideology,
the sunset of utopias and ideas.

The eldest forgot the movement in the 1968s
cause they told me why to struggle and to protest nowadays
since the labour class doesn’t exist.
So I took my stereo and I made them listen
“Il vecchio e il bambino”of F. Guccini
I rocked my thoughts in his pure truths.

I am looking for a saviour,
for the “over man”
who lights us up as bonfire with
the freedom of thinking
and of listening to each other
without any shade of doubt
the skill of accepting ourselves socially
without masks
for what we really are

Stop saying yes before sterile know ledges
inculcated by the school,
the policy and the mass-media
but learn to live and accept ourselves emotionally charged.


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5 commenti:

  • Arianna Bianchi il 06/06/2008 01:33
    I already know so how can we change this "corruption" of money?
    Maybe Bob Dylan says well when the answer is blowing in the wind... but we are deaf not blind!!!!! The only solution is to stand for this world without human values being passive in front of the overwhelming capitalisism...
    ... Just stand for this volunteer ignorance of ordinary people enslaved by a system of money...
    what I can say more... je te souhaite une bonne vie my dear!!!!!
  • Arianna Bianchi il 05/06/2008 20:12
    Nice opinion... the answer is blowing in the wind... everybody has own answers in the wind!
    Anyway I think we don't know enough our history since we didn't live at full these times. Sorry, I have got a question: Who is knitting our history now?

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