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Another scream breaks into the silence
New pain, new mother looses balance
A home destroyed before our eyes
But old are the war and the lies
Is that the gift we leave
To our children yet unborn
The castle of the grieve
Or the war for the throne?
The chain breaks with thunder
The freedom lies our hunger
Do we know what's happening out there?
Are we blind to see that it's unfair?
Or we're just waiting for the next to blame.
Mother, son, love, hope, life is not a game
How much more we have to lose?
How much sorrow can we incur?
Whose life we have to use?
Whose country to conquer?
And does anybody ask
How much a baby costs?
Does anybody know
Whose child will never grow?
Blood, tears, pain and sorrow
When they lead do we really have to follow?


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