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Trase a wind, doce doce inside house
with the odor of the sea.
I rub the eyes. I open wide the windows.
Blue sky, nuvole and dreams
Aching summer my eternal child.
I run away toward the endless one.
To come in a foreign earth in rump to a camel.
My words with patience
I have sewn her above a sheet of paper.
The sea is shaken the waves they are tall,
la ship it climbs
and the more rout goes down it doesn't find.
I will return, per to be nearby again you.
I have struck so many roads in silence.
Every thing remembers our days together.
While it is changing lie the fate.
On a stand I have bought some
African music his voice his rhythms echi of liberty.
Through the city I look around in every plaza alleys
and buildings it seems to reside you a strange folly.
Dark cold and sour and the road.
Beauty hung to a tree of bananas.
On the wave of the memoirs.
Sona my song.
Hands away this soul I pour a great deal distant earths.
Narrating of lost loves.
Oh my beautiful piccinina.
It trots my thought it trots.
Và on the mountains in the valleys on the alpis to cheer.
This passion of mine in blues.
It sings goblin It sings it sings this rap.
Oh gipsy feeling. Oh dancing love. Endless streets.
Unheard of desires. Suspended laundries to the threads.
Skies nighttime illuminated coasts.
It dances this rumba in the night full of stars.
Thievish of emotions.
Buried feelings never.
July I give birth some she-wolf.
Daughter of Rome.
Love in the world.
Music blessed queen of our miserable song.


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