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Listen, my friend!
Look at me and see
My face wet by tears;
They never cease
Because there isn’t any hope.

Listen, my daughter!
My heart aches
For things from the past,
Although everyone says
That is useless to say that.

Listen, my son!
My grubs never grew up
So, my butterflies never flew,
However, my bats did
And became my nightmare.

Listen, my God!
If You actually exist,
Make me feel happy
At least for a little while


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3 commenti:

  • Tony Fontana il 22/09/2008 13:56
    Listen my heart for your line of verse, writer of emotion, hi, tony
  • mariella mulas il 04/06/2007 12:09
    Immagino sia una bella poesia, però se avessi messo la traduzione in italiano sarebbe stato possibile per tutti leggerla.

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