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Lost Soul

My lost soul, my deep inside,
Why falling into your stormy darkness?
Why shouting your pain shadowy?
The Indifference kills outwardly
the healthy spirits of common gensis
through a clear zephyr of sufferings

By harp a miraculous lullaby playing are
love and dialogue
this sort of inexistent communication
away dragging are
their notes
among these social individuals
a perceptive peace

Unveiling my self
suffocated by
such a grey-reddish cloudy Yorkshire weather
its atmosphere embodies my mystified demon
may get my staggering soul
fluttered down
on the wings of my doubts
over this wild European life

I could see a rustling of senselessness
when rushing I glanced at millions of
ragged mendicant women
the paria
the Indian victims
cast with their littles into the arms on the ground,
, alàs, begging for a bowl of rice
for rupies.

They are actually named Lost souls, are they?
Hers Suffering all one of
Hers spiritual wholeness
all one of
Hers infectiously Sicked World


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4 commenti:

  • Arianna Bianchi il 02/11/2006 22:18
    Ciao Armando,
    non scrivo solo in inglese ma anche in italiano; dovrei aggiornare il mio compendio con altre opere in italiano ma sono impegnata con il lavoro lo farò il prima possibile! Spero che apprezzerai almeno le altre opere in Italiano! a presto e ciao!
  • armando pascale il 01/11/2006 16:54
    sarà anche bellissima ma non posso gustarmela, scusa non capisco una parola d'inglese. ciao

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