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Unshaping Love
Fleshy Love
Kaleidoscopic Love
Adrenalinic Love
Calemaleonthic-like Love
Don’t mimic among the unknown crowd
Universal and touchable emotion
Why don’t you  tie indissolubly these two wandering biblical souls
Don’t tease them
explode inside Adam and Eve
giving life to the humankind
knitting a thick web of connection and complicity
don’t blaze intensivily
our souls could keep burnt
turn into their breath
a canal for their living
intensive pure feeling
kill bribery’s germs which are infecting us
shine in this earthy darkness
your powerful bright
scribbling in human heart
senseless signs
don’t make us dream
double-sided emotion
become reality sending your heady scent out.


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  • Anonimo il 24/04/2012 11:58
    ... ricca di immagini
    pregnanti, emotive,
    un flusso di coscienza,

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