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The world around is getting darker and darker
And I feel like I can't breathe anymore

Oscure angels follow me everywhere
And I can't escape
Coz everything I do they're always behind me
To remind me I don't have to be happy
Coz I'm not allowed to feel good

Pain, agony, the hell...
They live inside me by now
And nobody can save me

Why don't you show and come to confort me?
Why do devils have to go on living
And angels fight not to die?
Why ain't you ever here when I need you the most?

My eyes can't stop crying
And sweet and murderer smoke can't even quiet me

There's nothing left to do...

My destiny is crying in extreme depth
Only sorrounded by skeletons of my past
And ghosts of the present
Torn in soul by who is near but so far

Desires and future do not exist
Coz the will of fighting is disappearing little by little
And when is dead nobody will notice it

Coz devils go on living
And angels won't fight anymore

Come here and save me... save me


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  • cristiano daniele il 31/03/2011 09:46
    interessante. confermo la sensazione che, più che poesie, i tuoi versi dovrebbero accompagnarsi a musica.

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