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Fragment of peace

Listening to the music I love the most
Amy is always on
Singing in this little room
Waiting for her love to come
Deceiving herself things will be good one day
And tedium will disappear
An eternal tedium that lasts since many months ago
She wishes things could change! But how?
Miracles, she isn’t even a believer…
Doesn’t believe anymore in miracles
A surprise? It’s not his style.
He doesn’t do things like that
Coz writing is disclosing one’s thoughts
And emotions hidden in soul.
And he doesn’t want to
A kiss in the city
You don’t say what it feels like
I wish you did but I know I can’t change you
Coz so radicals changes are impossible so guess what I do?!
I go on writing my book
Like I’ve always done in these last years by now
Imaging how peace could be, real peace
I want a fragment of peace,
A kiss given with real passion
Everything stops around us
Perfection breaks into this air
I want a fragment of peace.
Am I asking too much?


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