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Whirl Of Pleasure

Cold was my trouble and desolated was my mind
i rest
like a mistress
and drop a rose in the rain
so i fade
in the darkness
and you cant'hope my reapparence
but your green bleeding eyes
observe me and dicsclose my lies

and my soul put me down into the whirl of pleasure
and your soul follow me down into this whirl
that way out don't have

dealty pale was my face
when you asked me to follow you
i rest like a prisioner in a whirl of pleasure
and so naive in the splendour of your consacration
but i want another world
where i will rest in peace
slow slide down one drop of honey
we were passion in fire belong to only whirl


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6 commenti:

  • alessandro cittadino il 02/04/2008 22:48
    thanks you are so nice
  • alessandro cittadino il 02/04/2008 22:48
    thanks you are so nice
  • Anonimo il 02/04/2008 14:07
    The poem is there and atmosphere you have created and things surely are whirling... I will put some of my help if you need
  • sara rota il 25/05/2007 16:34
    Un po' troppo triste, peccato...
  • alessandro cittadino il 25/10/2006 22:41
    questa è una canzone... sto cercando di farla con amici...
  • Argeta Brozi il 20/09/2006 09:34
    Carca di evitare le ripetizioni, comunque va già meglio di quella che ho appena letto.

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