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Unconsciousness of love

What if I paint the world
beneath a colorful sky of hope

I imagine infinite suns
allowed to shine
in your pale, avory face

A million dancing petals of life
flowing through your hair...
heart would bent your strenght?

What if I look into
and discover mad things
about your beauty,
about my wondering of you?

All hope is gone,
only dreams remain


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2 commenti:

  • Cinzia Besaldo il 11/11/2009 16:48
    I really think that you'll not look into. Because you'll ready know how dangerous it is. The true beauty is always mad and beyond human understanding I guess. For that reason we are so in love with that.
    I like your poem
  • loretta margherita citarei il 11/05/2009 16:25
    rimane il sogno, tra petali e sole piaciuta e la speranza cammina

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