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You, people and places

Like the words you say in that song
l'll stay with you, we belong
in your mind, in your eyes
i can see only lies
lookin' up the sky
you are a stranger, you are nice.
Scorpio it's my star
i know well where you are
people are in every place
but i wanna see only your face.
Just say: "help" and i'll be there
people are everywhere
i'll come running very fast
there's no future, only past.
You will think that i'm crazy
but lovin' you it's so easy
give me a smile, don't give me your heart
you of me... just a part.
Perhaps tomorrow i will change
from present to future, another page
our love it's just begun
don't play, no fun.
Yes i'm a slave
and you? Just a wave.


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