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Look the same things

so i will leave away in another place where i can replace
look at me, i'm asking you to love me..
because we are angels with only one wing
and we can't fly alone because i need you and you need me

so i will leave away in another place where i can replace
and you if don't follow me i'll be sure that my love isn't returned
but hate will change my heart
and the blood will darken you eyes
you will be forever mine and if your body escape i will captured your soul
because you are an angel with double wings
and i i'm just a man and i'm cruel of mine nature
and i swear to you that i'll love you forever but sometimes hate is stronger than love.


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2 commenti:

  • Len Hart il 14/12/2013 17:46
    your song is great, u should let us listen to it!
  • alessandro cittadino il 02/11/2006 18:11
    anche questa è una canzone del mio gruppo:

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