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I have to build a life
I have to leave a sign
I want to change too many things
But I don't have so much time

I wanna play this game
I wanna rule this reign
I have to fight the enemies
And teach all of them my law

This is my desire
This is the truth
I'm not another liar
I wish it will be the reality,
The reality of my dreams


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4 commenti:

  • Anonimo il 20/03/2010 17:58
    Very well.
    See you early on facebook.
  • Jurjevic Marina il 23/11/2009 21:39
    The reality of your dreams my friend.. the best possible reality. This is a world of possibilities but you have to fight for them.. sometimes all it takes is a simple piece of paper, like you showed us with this beautiful poem. My best compliments
  • vasily biserov il 23/11/2009 19:07
    it is not simple... but hopes die last!!
  • Kartika Blue il 22/11/2009 18:23
    very good! Live your dreams!!

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