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Go up your stairs
clasping those pages
source of relief
your only strength.
Why of those shows
that once burned your soul
all that remains are
bills on the wall.


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5 commenti:

  • Aliena il 29/06/2012 22:00
    Wonderful poem. Complimenti.
  • Anonimo il 24/11/2009 13:39
    ... e quello che rimane... once burned your soul... are bills on the wall..
    grande il mio Samuele..
  • Samuele Scagliarini il 24/11/2009 09:29
    Fortunately, there are still moments during the rehearsals in the evenings in which we can feel the warm thrill of being a group, the charachters of each of our stories... thank you my dears!!
  • Jurjevic Marina il 23/11/2009 22:57
    All that remains are bills on the wall.. to remind us that once there was a moment of true hope, that once we were able to connect truly with our soul. The price that we pay just to remember, is too high. Great poem
  • Salvatore Ferranti il 23/11/2009 20:06
    bellissima questa poesia in inglese

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