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Me against the church

I wanted to live without love
But I suffered this punishment
I wanted to live in a tidy world
It ain't the life that I've spent

For this in our life
Nothing is like it seems to be
Something help us to cross the line
To achieve the eternity

So listen the instructions
Sit and get relax
Drink some alcool
Out of the window, jump with us

I will die
By suicide
When I'll start grew old
Without control.

After the death
No one may send
My soul in heaven

I will go
With my soul
Under the world

In the hell
My soul'll be sell
And I will yell

Of happiness
Of this madness
That I express

There I'll meet the devil,
I'll speak and ask him
Who is the most useless person
In the world
He will answer the pope,
Who makes dirty Rome,
Who creates new holies
In Italy

But now I'm alive
And not too old,
I have to fight
Against the church


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4 commenti:

  • Alessio B. il 02/03/2011 17:21
    La trovo stupenda... Forse anche perchè condivido la tua opinione Ottima poesia!
  • vasily biserov il 17/10/2010 22:55
    surely Tim!!
  • Tim Adrian Reed il 17/10/2010 22:49
    Christianism... the role it plays in the italian society is hard to comprehend, especially for foreigners... What would Italy be without Mafia and the Pope? Probably a better place...
  • Jurjevic Marina il 01/12/2009 23:57
    10 e lode! Quanti soldi che hanno, quanto oro. Tutto sotto la maschera.. loro che dovrebbero essere i più umili prendono da chi non ha. Povera gente ignorante.

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