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The travel

I'm gonna to the sea
To have another life
'cause I want to see
What I'll have in the next time

I don't know how long is the travel
Maybe it will take too much time
I haven't many desires
I only hope I'll do what I always tried

During the trip
There were many ways I could have taken
I have chosen not the right one
But that have bring me to my own end
Not in the right town
But in a far place without sand

If someone asks me if I'm happy for what I've done
I'll affirm saying this poetry is the prove
Because it tells what I think of the world

In fact I say I don't like it
There are too many people who still believe in God
And don't care about the pollution in the towns
The growth of the prices for all products
The worse situation in the south

Who don't have the faith
Thinks that is never too late
He thinks it will be another time to study,
Another time to leave parents home,
But in reality he knows he isn't ready

I'm not like them
And I could appear a perfect man
But I know I'm not like this
'cause I've suffered too many defeats


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2 commenti:

  • Paola Reda il 16/12/2012 23:26
    A mirror of our times... some months ago. Today there is a lot of people who suffers for work, who can't survive. Soul, desires, God and mere reality are the great themes of our life. It's so hard and difficult to approach these themes and I think it'll be ever much more hard day by day. I suppose you aren't English... like me ): but it's very very funny to try affort these themes. Deep poetry.
  • Jurjevic Marina il 06/12/2009 20:18
    The growth of the prices for all products
    The worse situation in the south
    Prima di tutto, grazie di questa riflessione.. amo il sud e lotterei contro tutti per diffendere le mie idee..
    Poi, caro, in generale, mi piacciono le tue idee, la chiarezza dei tuoi pensieri. Sei un ragazzo in gamba, e con i tuoi scritti fai differenza, fidati.

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