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Everytime we get together

the journey of the albionauts
is something that I know
the sunken and the saved
as many others ways
the women bless the ship
their eyes are all a weep
believing Hope is here
but they weep their slaves to sleep

the sad and old brown earth
the seas and all the shores
we are looking for the signs
to free our troubled minds
the riots blow in town
thekings just pass their crowns
beside them we are slaves
of every move we make

like birds we'll just fly away

Freedom, the jail won't be so long
Kingdome, of our dreams
And every time we get together we forget the pain and we
As a military struggle with the music find the peace

L. is working in a bank
R. is sweating in the trade
J. gives children music lessons
And so days just pass away
But every time we play the music
then we are jumping on a stage
and the power of our vibes
should flow inside of all you babes

like birds we will fly away
like birds we'll just go on and fly away

Everytime. SO Everytime.


il viaggio degli Albionauti
è qualcosa che conosco
i sommersi ed i salvati
e tutti gli altri modi
le donne benedicono la nave
i loro occhi sono tutto un pianto
Credendo che la speranza sia qui
ma piangono i loro schiavi per dormire


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  • loretta margherita citarei il 29/01/2010 17:29
    ottima poesia, ben scritta, l'ho letta prima in inglese ed avevo capito il senso, poi la traduzione sotto, mi ha chiarito piaciuta

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