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Tell me about a place of freedom
from the reality,
last day without hours is ticking down
my tears.
Nobody could understand...
This face I can't explain,
eyes have seen too much
for closing when a dirty flame get in,
smooth ice in my mind
between that is rising up
a sweet scent of rose.
To the sky your voice
touches gently clouds of white,
going beyond this pouring rain
which blows earth's mortal feelings,
it reaches heaven's doors
to the other side of a moon's wound.
You've flown away.


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2 commenti:

  • Anonimo il 11/08/2010 15:57
    Very beautiful and sweet like... a scent of rose. ciao
  • laura marchetti il 19/04/2010 17:26
    a wonderful... love song!!!

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