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With blades of grass
tossed in the wind
everything started almost in a week.
The scent of your skin became mine
like smell of a pie, for you, at night.
Then we were covered by the earth
and the sky our crib;
everything was like in a dream
overturned but complete,
impossible was to leave
without sunrise to reach.
Now, lay your eyes on me
when I fall asleep
even if you are far away,
keep of feeling me
waiting for the time
your hand could be in mine.


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3 commenti:

  • Raffaele Arena il 07/09/2011 15:36
    It's a very beutiful poems. I' don't' know english very well, but reading this words at voice, this component of love, and the song it's very sweet. Thank yuo. Kisses.
  • KissOnMyHand --- il 11/08/2010 14:28
    più melodica.. ma soprattutto alcune immagini che nella propria lingua risulterebbero un po banali, vengono valorizzate grazie alla barriera linguistica. L'uso dell'inglese è voluto per questo.
  • Sergio Fravolini il 11/08/2010 14:21
    L'inglese è una lingua che mi piace...