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Ode to Thanatos

Bloody King of the Netherworld,
Ruthless Reaper, mighty ruler of dying shadows,
Powerful Destroyer of men's souls!
Greedy of Death, your Heart is filled with despair...
But do thou have a Heart?
Do I have a Heart?
Thou art I and I art Thou...
My curse is killing my soul...
Do you know which is the power of mankind?
Egoism? Intelligence? Helpfulness? Compassion?
Their soul? Their mind? Their body?
Greed, Hatred, Despair...
Pity, Love, Compassion...
It's HOPE! Their dreams, illusions, desires!
What is a man without hope?
It's a dead body, a corpse, a shallow coffin...
It can't be called man...
That's my essence...
My trembling reflection in the mirror of life...
And you, who read these dark words, listen to my advice:
If there's something that takes away your sleep,
don't lose your hope,
Your true strength, your precious gift...
Or I will take you with me...


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3 commenti:

  • Raluca Ratiu il 16/02/2013 05:04
    My trembling reflection in the mirror of life... my favorite! Loved it! Keep up the good work!
  • Anonimo il 09/04/2011 16:02
    Θάνατος, so similar to Έρως... "

    "What is a man without hope?
    It's a dead body, a corpse, a shallow coffin..." A 'dead-man-walking'...

    Mi ricordi molto Eliot per certi aspetti... La vedo come una previsione, nonché monologo interiore... Sei bravo... Very good
  • vasily biserov il 03/03/2011 17:38
    if you lose your hope consider yourself dead! Bravo, molto significativa!!

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