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In the darkest frightening night,
The moon was shining bright:
I awakened from my desires,
Under a rain of fire...

When my hopes were falling down,
And my sins crushed my soul,
I gazed at a tender girl,
Under a rain of love...

In the brightest enchanting night,
The moon wounded a knight:
I slept within my dreams,
Under a rain of bliss...

When my hopes were growing strong,
And my sins lost their control,
I gazed at her pure heart,
Under a rain of blood...

In the simplest trembling night,
The moon was devouring the light:
I awakened from my dreams,
Under a rain of tears...

Even if we are apart, we'll always be connected...
Even if I'll be sad, I'll pray for your happiness...
Even if you don't, I will always love you...


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4 commenti:

  • Mehiel Free il 17/08/2011 16:46
    very nice, u can mixed also more languages what u think??
  • Anonimo il 07/04/2011 21:04
    the 'love conquers all agree on right view of life.
    I like... very compliments
  • Anonimo il 29/03/2011 11:14
    A very beautiful poem full of sound and love.
  • Paola B. R. il 28/03/2011 18:33
    I like the music of this poem!!!

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