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Dreaming a different nightmare

My empty life was fading away,
My glaring eyes were seeking a dream...
The gentle youth was leaving my tears,
The sacred blades were hiding my abyss...
My sleep ceased, my mind awakened:
An innocent heart opened by Death...
Screams and moans, sufferance and pain:
Is this the price of being elect?
No more religions, kings or rules:
Is this a better way to survive?
Find your road, develop your potential,
Fight with us, lend us your strength:
To create a world where you'll be happy,
To create a world where you'll find love,
To create a world where you'll never cry,
To create a world where you'll be dead...


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2 commenti:

  • Anonimo il 29/03/2011 10:50
    A very good poem, indeed. This is not a beautiful world, but you can still seek a dream.
  • Anonimo il 28/03/2011 22:17
    Yes, this is the best price.

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