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I don't know why some people got everything
I don't know why some people got nothing
Sometime I feel like a loser
That lost long time ago his crusade!!!!
I m wondering about many things
And my mind flies with its wings
Of fantasy and illusion and a lot of dreams
That are ending in awful and painful screams...!!!!!
I had nothing or I had everything I do not know
I feel like a useless tool that has been thrown
Inside a stink and dirty hole!!!!!!!
I would like to ask why about all my life
But I feel like an husband arguing with his wife...
Where no answers are coming in silence 's Hostile
I m burnt like an humberger on his Grill!!!!!
My faith in God must be the answer to give me peace,
But my selfishness is my soul's disease!!!!!!


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  • Anonimo il 22/04/2012 10:18
    ... ottimo dipanare
    del pensiero
    seppure in lingua

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  • Anonimo il 25/11/2011 18:06
    The answer is in you heart. You are not useless, because you write so many beautiful things. Have a nice week-end. ciao

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