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You died on the cross to give me life
because My sins are shape like a dangerous knife
that cut in thousand pieces your HOLY Heart
I don't want but I am always giving you a bad hurt
I m trying to change my wrong way...
But I am always falling in sin everyday;
I m not worthy of your love my Immense Maker
I am indeed a bad man, law's breaker!!!!!!!!!
I would like to hide from you for centuries my face...
But I know there is a mercy on your Throne's Grace,
I am knocking the door of your forgiveness
I am a man of lawlessness!!!!!
Please My saviour forgive me again
I am asking this under the sun, under the rain;
Before you will come in your everlasting glory
Please my saviour forgive my sinful life's story!!!!


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  • Anonimo il 01/12/2011 10:05
    I think your life is as pure as your heart. The answer is under the sun under the rain... Beautiful poem and most beautiful rimes indeed. ciao

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