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Listen intuitionally for a smiley and happy earth

The knowledge is not a pathology, since that exists perpetually in its natural essence striving for an endless beginning. That fill in our blank mind with new knowledges that knit the social interaction with people. Spreading good ideas with who you know is a strategy to improve the conversation and the listening enriching your spirit to get it culturally dynamic. In his turning the earth will change color of his skin when the human beings abandon his narcissistic borders taking the way towards the inspirational SAPENTIA and the energetic BRAVE to express himself how the Demiurgo created him in his pure intuitions and in his healing feelings. Freedom of choice will kill our Oedipos Complex and our Shadows. Constructive dialogue is the tool for appreciating the life of each other as our Greek storyteller Aesop mentioned in one of his folktale "The snails and the RoseTree". Listen, Understand and Speak as Zarathustra did. Accept silently the love for each other. Think of self-control and spiritual balance: Caritas will be the ears of our superego, Love and Compassion will be the heart of our ego and Sexual impulses will be only the mere mouth of our Id, sane or insane that depends on the experience of human beings. It's time to turn the hourglass of our existence and count all the grains of the sand to find the incongruence and the human mistakes and redeem them. The ocean won't be only a distance but our witness in front of our peace. No walls and no turmoil get annihilated our nature. However, this time with new values and new ethic.
Every archetypical feeling flew back to the earth getting it happy and smiley as its volcanoes, its forests, its rivers, its lakes, its mountains, its oceans and its parks keep its engine alive.


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