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Plague Doctor

One day someone told me: "Talk with doctor plague and you will find the truth". Words of peace and no violence came from his mouth. Plague Doctor said to me: "Everyone of us is one in the Logos and in the Spirit. One in a unique social democratic system of calculations. A sort of Orwellian Big Brother. The perfection is not discipline which is not made of shouts, snares and anxious pressures. The final end is not entangled in another one under its own rules. Grace transform discipline as a tool of love and listen". My quietness was getting rid of fatalistic chains and thought promptly: " I am falling in love with Plague Doctor, a funny human creature who heals indifferently soldiers and civilians of any race". A man with his passion in treating the plagues of the others to make them feel reliefs. And bravely accepted his human condition in front of the army's orders. An erroneous metamorphosis of his being - according to what he has told me- due to the tumor of his father and the lack of money. A soldier who has usually played with children using the medical gloves as little balloons, who has listened to the American soldiers, to the women and to the elders although they have never spoken his own language, who has preferred taking off any bulletproof vest to treat the injured better and professionally instead of taking a gun for shooting (and give satisfaction to the dirty interests of the class to the power: the "Illuminati"). Maybe Plague Doctor is a real hero. Think different from the usual soldiers. He concluded saying: "One day I should get married. Yes. I would like to get married with you because now I see again Life. No more fears(Quod dixi, dixi)." My heart set free and smile.


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  • Anonimo il 16/04/2014 17:35
    after reading it
    for the kindness
    the coast is clear

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